Thursday, 5 June 2014


Oh National Gardens Scheme! I'm loving it!
This one was recommended to me by my father-in-law because he knows that I love Ferns. 
And this one was particularly exciting for me because it's in our village.
You know how nosy I am.
I just cannot believe that this oasis exists so nearby. So many times up and down this road, and I just never knew.

The first thing to grab my attention was the large size of the garden and the trees of course. I love gardens with trees.
After that; the large and very handsome greenhouse in the middle of the garden.
The size and beauty of it is like one you would expect to find in a Botanical Garden.
And I could see that it was going to be a Ferny paradise within.
I think that I managed to suppress my squeals.

The summer house in the back corner was popular with the children.
My girl imagined that if she had this house in this garden, she would never leave it.
The views from the here were perfect.

Again, the children were overjoyed with the winding paths telling me that they wanted a garden like this.
And all this time, I have been holding back and letting them have full reign of the grass for playing space.
There is something about a meandering path that indulges a wanderlust and the need to "get lost" in nature, almost aimlessly.
So many places to hide, and run... 
so I must admit to feeling rather tense about having brought all three children here with us. I was looking forward to sending them off for a bit of cake so that I could relax knowing where they were, and what they were up to.

Lovely Bamboo! I fear that I may not be able to appreciate Bamboo without feeling anxiety after Jane at Flight-Platform Living and her battle with Bamboo.  The gardener assured me that this Bamboo was clump forming and would not spread much.
Look at the Acer too!!!

We bought a little cutting of this to bring home with us. 

In the larger greenhouse this Fern towers overhead.

And I thought my unfurling fronds were cool! This was bigger than my hand!

My boy is sitting over there on the left, looking perplexed.
It may be because we told him NOT to walk on the grass.

Where we took our tea and cake.
(Add a contented sigh here.)

Having gulped down my tea, I nipped off to explore some more (in peace) while the kiddies were still nibbling on cakes.

I checked that no one was looking and had a quick lay down on the floor of the greenhouse.

Of course now I may be regretting that we didn't buy that house a few doors down from here after all. I could have spent many hours spying in admiration over the hedge.
But I am grateful they opened their doors to this snooper on such a gorgeous sunny day.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Wow, what incredible specimens!

  2. What a beautiful and well loved garden.

  3. Lovely place! We found an NGS garden near us too and if I am well enough already on Saturday we are going to visit it! This post made me more excited! #hdygg

  4. I haven't visited any gardens in the National Gardens Scheme yet, I really should. I can imagine sitting in a Summer house on a sunny day. I don't think I'd want to step out of it either. Love those poppies!

  5. Just lovely - I'm loving your series of these and what a great way of discovering local gems - and meeting like-minded local folk too. Oh that greenhouse, those colours, the greenery (and cake!) Bliss, all of it. I would have paid good money for someone to walk in and you be led on the floor ;)

    Thank you SO much for joining in again - l-o-v-e x

  6. What a truly fabulous garden. Those ferns are plentiful and stunning. I do love the NGS for this, and you got cake! Perfect x

  7. OMG who needs to go out when people are hiding gems like this in their gardens thank you for sharing the tour i do see them from time to time popping up but have never been, i think i was a bit afraid but now i wont be.

  8. It looks really nice. I love the spotty poppies, they look like ladybirds! x

  9. I love the National Gardens Scheme. I went to one on Saturday as well and my friend opens up her garden twice a year. It's amazing what hides behind peoples' houses!


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