Monday, 16 June 2014

Light Installations Chez Randomnest

Just before Christmas, we visited the Bruce Munro light installations at Waddesdon Manor.
Bruce Munro Water Towers at Waddesdon Manor
Bruce Munro Water Towers at Waddesdon Manor
In the time since, we have collected and stored many plastic bottles with the help of friends, and we have finally created our own light installations inspired by Bruce Munro.

Originally I had planned on making outdoor installations, but because of the season, it doesn't get dark enough until it's too late for kiddies. So for now, this is an indoor installation.

Over half term, we had some spare time to get busy.
The plastic bottle collection has been driving us crazy as well, so we needed to make or recycle already.

We sorted, but didn't take the time to rinse the bottles properly.
This is a bad habit of mine, I don't like boring prep work to get in the way of getting on with things.
This was not good because this happened:
My kids aren't allowed fizzy drinks that often and the lingering smell of cola and lemonade was too tempting.
Those things have been stored a long time.

We decided on a design and hot glue gunned the bottles together.
Possibly not the best method as there was slight warping with the heat and my boy needed to hold things on while the glue hardened.

Our finished towers.
(Cola residues are now gone having been turned upside down- they emptied easily)

We couldn't wait for dark and had to test how the Glow Sticks would look slotted into each bottle.
These lasted through the afternoon and night anyway.
With this design, the glow sticks fall out easily when the bottles are turned upside down. Although this makes it easy to use again, I think that we would only do this for special occasions, because it takes a lot of glow sticks and that is quite wasteful.  We may try playing around with some different lights to see how they work with the bottles.

Finished and we are so pleased, but know it's going to look even better at night, in the dark.

side view

Distorted view from the bottoms. I liked this effect and so we didn't add water on this occasion.  We might see what happens if we added water another time.

My mother had wanted to visit the Bruce Munro exhibit, but we didn't have the chance to take her while it was on, so we made her a light exhibition of her very own.
To make this sign and other bits of our installation, we used these Neon Electro Luminescent Wire.
They are AWESOME and so versatile and they are going to get so much use from this family.

We wrapped them round some plastic bottle sculptures that we made. 

One of the most popular lights at this exhibit was the cheap, battery operated Aldi light bulb with pull string. 
Great for sticking on top of your head to turn on when you get a brilliant idea, or sticking in your mouth like Uncle Fester, although for Health and Safety reasons, I would not recommend this.

When we saw Bruce Munro's tee pees at Waddeson, I knew that we could make mini versions with glow sticks.  Last night, my older boy won "The most co-operative person to get ready for bed nicely" award and so I presented him with his own, personal light installation to have by his bed side.
He was pleased with his prize and we talked about creating more of these for the next light exhibit.

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  1. What a freaking totally awesome idea Katie! It looks ACE!


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