Saturday, 28 June 2014

In My Garden

So late for the garden link-up this week. Life was busy. And a little stressy. But today, we relax, breathe out, and potter in the garden, even if it's rainy. It's nice to note the changes each week brings.

Remember our garden pallet bench?
                                                    Outdoor Pallet Sofa Bench

Well, it doesn't look like that anymore.

Over winter, it's got wet and muddied when it was used as a mud kitchen, birdied (pooped on) etc.
It's basically turned into a lovely bug hotel and a great place for critters to hide underneath. So it hasn't been the most pleasant place to sit for a while now.
I was thinking about sanding it down to refresh it, 
but not before hubby and I sat there the other afternoon while eating our lunch.
It was a glorious, sunny and hot day, but we felt ourselves being caressed with teeny little rain drops.
Which was odd.
It wasn't actually raindrops falling down on us from the sky; but little itty-bitty bugs.
So the pallet bench was dis-assembled and the tree sprayed with a strong spray of water. A technique suggested from the Internet.
And the bugs rained down all over everything.
So then I got the icky plant lice in my hair and everywhere.
The in-laws assure me that there is not much that you can do and that they will go away on their own, but in the meantime, the bench is being dismantled.
But giving the crawlers time to re-home elsewhere first. 
We made sun prints while we could by simply placing objects on top of sugar paper.

Fun, but they weren't as effective as the sun prints that we made using light sensitive paper.
The latest pallet planter is full and just about ready to bloom, 

while the Poppies have mostly finished blooming and have entered the pod phase which is lovely too.

These flowers alpines have been ecstatically happy in the sun.  They are planted in an old wooden toilet cistern, which I know that I have mentioned too, but it is my favourite planter in the garden, mostly because of what is was in it's previous life.

The first Cornflower blossoms.

Such awesome, alien-like flowers on the Succulents.

They are so funky when they stretch and grow.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. my goodness! you have so many lovely blossoms! I have my first cornflower bloom this week too! and have a batch of alpines as well. my first time with those. I hope I can save some seeds! what do you do with all your succulents in winter? do you have a greenhouse? my house has poor light and I never do well with indoor succulents. boo. love the granny squares on the tree!

  2. Oh there's so much to love here Katie! The first alpine pallet planter, the new one, the sun prints -eee! I must do that with Kit and Ozzy - they'd love it (and so will I because it doesn't involve too much drama!)
    Such a lovely shots, all close up and crisp. One of these days I am going to infiltrate your garden and roll about on the grass (post-aphids obvs)
    All so ruddy gorgeous Katie, you really inspire me sausage x
    Thanks for joining in again :)

  3. Lovely photos. Such a shame about your garden pallet bench. x

  4. I do like those sun prints, and that pallet looks brilliant. Lots of colour blooming out there now, too :)


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