Thursday, 12 June 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? June

Back to pottering about in my own garden this week!

I can't believe that these are Poppies. But they are. Frilly Poppies.

Pretty Poppy Litter.

Sometimes, I have this fleeting thought that maybe my throw-all-the-seeds everywhere approach doesn't work and that I should relent and "plan" my garden more. But I really like it. Especially the element of surprise that comes with throwing it all in to see what happens. Of course it's a mess and I know that I should tame it and plan better, but nah, I really, really like how they all take turns to do their thing and hang out together nicely. Poppies, Californian Poppies, Marigold Calendulas and Osterspermums all partying together in the border.  (There are Nigella Love in the Mists too.)
My biggest regret right now is that the Poppies have grown very tall.
Into the hedge.
So there are many gorgeous poppy blooms inside the hedge so that they can't be seen.
Next year, I will be ready to pull the heads forward before they grow too tangled within.

Marigolds entering seed mode.

Reminds me of ANIMAL! 

Delving into the Poppies frills.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. These are gorgeous. I love the wild flowers, seeing more of those this year or perhaps I'm just more aware. And the first one, purple spikey thing is stunning

    1. They are pretty wild! The purple spikey thing is an Allium and I LOVE them. We planted more in the Autumn, but many have been mysteriously de-headed as they bloom. These are a couple of survivors. (for now.)

  2. I have something to tell you> You have smurfs in your garden! I think its cuz your garden looks awesome and everything is blooming thats why he is there =) #hdygg

    1. Heehee! I know:-) They make me happy and also when we planted up the latest pallet, we each had a row and so we used the Smurfs to protect the plants and to represent each person's row.

  3. Isn't nature awesome! #hdygg Becky - A Beautful Space

  4. Such pinky purply wonders I LOVE the close ups - especially the one with the rain drop on. I loved your Open Gardens posts - but it's lovely to be back in your garden - and the cheeky Smurf made me grin, I knew there's be a bit of Katie-fun in there somewhere ;)

    Gorgeous, lickable photos. Um yes, it's late, and I am drinking tonic WITHOUT gin. *weeps*
    Thanks for joining in - and apologies for waffling comment!

  5. Beautiful flowers and photos. I love the smurfs hidden around the garden ;) x

  6. Stunning, as always, I adore the macro flower shots. :)


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