Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Crafting Camping: Rubber Stamps

I always like to pack a few crafty bits when we go camping. Just little things to fiddle with, things that we don't usually have that much time for in "the real world".
I have been wanting to do lino cuttings with the kids for a while now, but it turns out that Lino is too expensive. I knew that you can make rubber stamps using erasers, but I hadn't found any that were big enough (to use with little hands) or cheap enough until the Highclere Castle gift shop. I found some large ones there for 75p each and now I am wishing that I had bought more.

We cut each rubber in half and used lino cutting tools carefully. I liked doing this at "camp" because although this wasn't nature craft, using those tools felt like whittling something.

We drew the designs on first with pen. This is a satisfying task.

And then chiseled them out. This was even more of a satisfying task. I could see that my boy really enjoyed this part and kept going and going. Nothing like carving up erasers.

I had forgotten the ink pads or paints, but we were happy to find that the Washable markers worked really well for these when printing.

Lino cutting tools were £5.40 from Broad Canvas in Oxford. This is a good kit to have.

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  1. Oh wow Katie this looks fun - I must try this. Kit and Oz are obsessed with stamps at the moment, a great time to get them crafty x


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