Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Show and Telling My Hoard

I like stuff.
And then I don't.
And then I do.
And then I don't.

I like to acquire and admire, and then if I have a "healthy" relationship with the hoard, I can then let it go.
Or not.

This Saturday will be our local-ish Swap Shop day. And I have a load to go.
What I don't seem to have, is the will power NOT to come back with anything.

Here is some of my recently acquired "hoard".
A bevelled-edged mirror. 
To be fair, this has been on my wish list for a while.
It needs Handy Hubby's magic touch to re-attached it to the backing so that it can be hung safely, but other than that, it's pretty, and it reflects.

An old book about Holland because:

of this picture of a super rad car.

A puzzle because
it's a funky, retro stylee image.

An old tour guide of near by attractions
because I was going through my Endeavour Morse stage and I want to live on set and thought that this would make a lovely prop.

And a few more props suitable for living the Endeavour Morse dream.

Shame it doesn't work.

More old and local tour guides.
It's interesting to see how much and how little things have changed.

From the tour guide.

Photos from my phone from back in 2012 when I was messing around with filters, effectively trying to achieve the look that's in the retro tour guide.
I don't know why, or even what.
But it's a cool old map. 
With Ships.
And it was free.
So was this sheet music! Can you believe it?!

There is also a scrap shop next to our Swap Shop and you can fill up a bag for something crazy like £1.00. The rest of the goodies came from there, so not free, but super-cheap.

Records for my collection!

I miss album cover art.
It is becoming a lost art.

Real, hand-painted paintings; waiting to be framed and displayed.

Patterns Galore.

Now what am I going to do with all this?
I don't know; maybe I'll store and file it away in my FREE, metal filing cabinet that I also acquired from the Swap Shop and that had also been on my wish list.

Some other swap shopping gems:


  1. what an eclectic collection.......there are a lot of similar items in my boxes, not sure why i have kept them.

  2. Oh wow, you've taken me down memory lane. I went to Windsor Safari Park as a child and remember the killer whale show vividly. My Mum probably had some of those patterns and I share the same birthday as David Cassidy - some useless trivia for you!!


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