Saturday, 3 May 2014

Saturday is Caption Day

Is it really just me that gets over-excited flicking through old copies of Homeowner Magazines?
I posted a whole load of them the other day, so excited to share- but still; it was just me, and my old magazines, having a Me Party, like the lady and her records in one of the images here:

So I put forth this steaming shot again.
Hopefully for your pleasure.
It is too good to be relegated to the recycle bin.

I was thinking of using this image on a card for the Hubs for Valentine's with the caption:
"Our love is even steamier than theirs."
But judging by the moustache guy's intense gaze, I think that would be stretching the truth just a bit.

Once you've gotten over your hot flushes, please caption it!

Mummy Barrow


  1. No - I don't want you to smock my moustache to match the cushions!

  2. oh you shouldnt have. No, really, you shouldnt.

    PS thanks for linking up! #SatCap
    PS what are those pink curtains?!

  3. What do u mean foreplay doesn't usually involve tea?

  4. O look Honey! An electric razor!

  5. Oh thank you, a pyjama smocking kit. Get 'um off, I can't wait a moment longer!


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