Saturday, 10 May 2014

Saturday is Caption Day-10th May, 2014

 This is almost too easy.
And too rude.
Advanced Buttocks?!
This exercise may well release the inner thigh, but I reckon it might release something else along with that!
Caption This:
From the amazing Jane Fonda's Workout Book- another free swap shopping gem.

Mummy Barrow


  1. Jane found that doing the splits tended to release a more than her inner thigh muscles and she rather wished she'd paid more attention to her pelvic floor.

  2. Lets Get Physical.

    (breathing normally?! Is she mad?! - great pic, thanks for joining in!)

  3. This is what to do when you want to have injury at home =P

  4. i used to love that work out tape! seriously i can still hear the music now! loving the new blog look as well xxxx


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