Thursday, 29 May 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 Back when it was sunny... we visited two gorgeous gardens in The National Gardens Scheme in Oxfordshire.
Last week I shared some shots from the Bletchingdon Garden. Of course there were way to many pictures for one post; (and there still is, even after whittling them down!) so I'm sharing the shots from the Islip garden here.

As you wander down the twisting brick path, you cross under the arbour into the shady area.

Dabbled shade in the garden feels so luxiousiously natural somehow. Not so exposed. Peaceful. I loved it.
So did my little man. His favourite bit was the brick path. I think he also liked he felt hidden in the back of the garden.

I certainly didn't feel much like a lady ready for a garden tea party; having rushed straight out to the gardens after a cleaning frenzy at home, but I did enjoy this lady-like cuppa.

Up and down the path, again and again, mindful of the plants.

Avril in her garden.

Find The National Gardens Scheme for Gardens that are open for visitors near you here.
For those of you with children, check out the Gardens for Children in the National Garden Scheme.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. What a beautiful garden! I love visiting gardens, which makes me feel old now but I don't care! Great snaps too- can I ask what camera you use? I have a Nikon D3000 but struggling to get really good close ups of my plants so wondering if a better lense might improve them? Although they always say a bad workman blames his tools! ;-)

  2. Oh I love this! Avril - what a smashing garden. I love that people open up their gardens to share the pleasure with others (and that cake looks good too!) THere's something super magical about brick or block pathways isn't there, a nod to the old skool. Just stunning shots Katie - thanks for sharing x

  3. I love the curved path! and such a lovely photo of you relaxing in your garden :) Fab Pics #HDYGG

  4. Avirl, this is such a lovely garden.
    I'd almost forgotten 'back when it was sunny' so thank you for this wonderful reminder…
    I do love brick paths!
    Emma :-)


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