Thursday, 22 May 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 Garden Lovers and Nosy Parker's delight when The National Gardens Scheme's yellow book comes out! Gardens around Oxfordshire have been opening their gates to visitors and raising money for charity, allowing grateful snoopers like myself to nose around.
It was a beautiful, beautiful weekend. Just me, my littlest man and the dog while the Hubby and the older kids were away camping.
But I pulled a Cinderella and cleaned most of Sunday. It need to be done. And the incentive was that if I worked hard enough and made enough progress, we could nip out to a couple of these gardens in the afternoon.
What a treat.
I don't get to make it to many of these, but the two gardens we visited on Sunday have given me enough heart flutters to last a while yet.
Here's one of them:
Parking was a bit of an issue that worked out for the best because we got to park at the church and take the scenic route to the house. 
I have been biking through this village for a while now, trying to have an inconspicuous nose,  falling in love with it more and more so I appreciated the invitation to snoop around some more.

My little man enjoyed himself and was respectful of the plants and flowers even asking to speak to the gardeners.
He liked the paths leading to secret places and exploring.
Not to mention the cakes, the squash and the attention that he got for being the only child in the garden at that time.
After a week of defiance and tantrums, it was a peaceful weekend together, enjoying eachother's company.
Quite a few of these shots were taken by him.  I also gave him the phone to take pictures with.

He found "a secret spot!" Just a second later, he patted the space next to him, telling me to sit with him.
I did and we pretended that no one knew we were there.
And I swooned.

From outside of the green house.
I love this. The colours almost looks like a retro filter to me.

The shot he took:

Find The National Gardens Scheme for Gardens that are open for visitors near you here.
I wonder if I can sneak a few more visits in this weekend. It's also our local art weeks here. The snoop in me is getting a bit flustered by the thought all of these opportunities to explore!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Grateful snoopers...haha! Looks like a great little garden and it's very sweet your son patted the ground for you to come and sit next to him :)

  2. I was drooling at how pretty this garden and I would really want to visit one of this so thanks for the link! I found 3 garden near me! I am already checking it out! Oh and you have amazing photos both by you & your son! #HDYGG

  3. wow katie!
    been spring cleaning your blog, looks so fresh & uncluttered!
    photos are wonderful, especially the ones of the poppies.

  4. how beautiful! what a great treat after a cleaning frenzy. i don't know how you made it to two gardens in one afternoon. i would have spent all day in just one...

  5. How lovely to see your son calm and enjoying the garden with you especially after you said had been defiant and full of tantrums. Nature/Garden therapy rocks!!

  6. Katie and the Grateful Snoopers - good name for a folk band with a horticultural edge...

    Oh I love these, I love them to the moon and back. Totally craving an arch in the garden now too. Looks like a lovely snoop you both had, a fine young man you have there. One day I'll have a garden like that... one day...or my name isn't Annie Spratt!

    Thank you for joining in again my comment-loving friend xxx

  7. What a super post! I love the NGS and have done similar and had a snoop around a local village that I adore and been to some garden there on their open days. Fantastic piccies that make me long for the rain to clear off so I can enjoy my own garden.

  8. Goodness doesn't everything look so lush at the moment? I love this time of year, for the freshness of the green before it matures. Some lovely framing in those pictures, and the garden seat is especially lovely.

    1. Yes, I loved those seats and the cushion covers especially! It really is the best time of the years for gardens.

  9. Gorgeous photos and I love your new blog design, you must be so pleased with it!

    1. Thank you:-) I'm getting there. It was honestly a case of going crazy with the delete button and the zillion of side bars gadgets and buttons that I thought that I needed over the years. It was also one of those days when I thought I would give up on blogging, but just wanted to see if I could make it what I wanted after all. And I'm happier with it now. Nice to have a clear out!


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