Friday, 16 May 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 I'm late to this week's Garden Party.
 I just hate missing out on things. Especially my favourite things.
It felt a bit like being a teen again when all your friends are going somewhere awesome and you're not allowed. And you just know what an awesome time they are going to have.
Without you.
But then you see the linky is still open, and maybe you can sneak in even if you are a bit late...:-)

Lots of pottering in the garden has been going on.
Planting seeds and hoping that we are not too late for the sunflowers and wildflowers...

Popping in the seeds from a seed pal : Jane at Flight-Platform Living:-) 

We each have our own personal row, marked and guarded with a Smurf.

I may have a few more rows than the others, but I needed somewhere to put all the extra succulents from my in-laws.

and they used an interesting technique to firm the compost down.

Quite a few of the Alliums have been be-headed before their time.
Possibly by the dog who likes to circus leap over things,
Or children with swords and pocket knives...(pretend, plastic ones, but they still do damage)

A big tidy up of this area, removing building work and dead plants, or just hiding them. 
I don't think it will stay this tidy or healthy for long, so I took a shot to commemorate this moment in time. 

Pimping my ride with some wicked tunes and E.T.

Things are looking lush.

Chives and Curry

The Californian Poppies are here! I always hope they will spread and grow more and more and more. They are one of my favs.

The Water Park grass has re-opened for the summer.

And the be-headed Alliums come inside to be admired while they last.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. I love this post! Especially ET!

  2. I do love the use of pallets in your garden - so useful and so pretty. And that ET - just priceless!

  3. Beautiful photos, so interesting, all of them! Love this post so much. I love the bike on the wall! xxx

  4. I was also 'late' with the linky due to huge problems over at my blog, so I know how you felt. Are those pallets you are planting the seeds in? If so, what an inspired idea!

  5. Everything is lovely!

  6. Those Californian poppies are wonderful, loving ET and the Smurfs too. Have long lamented the ban on gnomes at Chelsea, and reckon these little fellows could take RHS by storm, fascinated too by that bicycle on the wall.

    1. Gnomes banned at Chelsea??!!! Such a shame. They are missing out. That's so discrimanatory.

  7. It looks great, I especially loved seeing ET!

  8. Just gawjus! I have a pallet here and keep meaning to ask you how you did your alpine one - I'm keen but a bit stuck (#noob)

    Love the Smurf guards - I need some out by my lettuces as something seems to be sneaking in my garden and nibbling bit of my leaves at night - I reckon SmurfGuards must work for not many pennies ;)
    ET is fine addition to the bike, I just need to see you riding it with him in the front now.....

    Thanks for sharing lovely lady - Gemma (Gemma Garner) mentioned we should do a seed swap thingy, a fine idea that I must remember to share this week! x

    1. Pallet planting is super easy. I guess the first thing is the make of the pallet- does it need more backing? If so, add your weed surpressing fabric on first, go crazy with the staple gun to hold it in place, then bang some more planks in (from another pallet)on the bottom and back to hold it all and the soil in, or not if it doesn't need it. Lay flat, put a temporary plank in at top to hold soil in place. Fill with soil, then plants, water in and let the roots take hold. (2/3 weeks) Then lift into place and remove top plank and add a few more plants. I would happily help you pallet garden in pjs:-)

  9. omygoodness! how fabulous and super excited to see the marigold seeds! the pallet and bike are all fabulous and the guarding smurfs made me smile! xxxx


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