Thursday, 1 May 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

My name is Katie, and I'm a scatterbrain.
I thought the BIG 50th How Does Your Garden Grow Anniversary was TODAY! Not last week!
Annie even numbers on her headings to make it obvious.
But my eyes must have been distracted from the numbers by the pretty flowers.

I was all geared up to congratulate Mammasaurus for hosting us so graciously for all these weeks.
And I made a sign, so I'm posting it. 
Even if it is a week late.
Having participated in 37 of these link ups, it has been the main part of  blog land that I join in with regularly and look forward to.
It's just the best place to hang out and the best way to appreciate nature on a daily basis.
So thank you Annie.

Admiring the Neighbour's tree
Attempting to overcome my unease with the snail population in our garden by getting up close and personal.
It may have suceeded in increasing my nerves.

The lavender is taking it's place of pride ready for the summer ahead.

Watching the Marigolds and the Osterospermums as they close up, ready for the night.

Been doing some weeding and I was pretty proud of the size of this dandelion I pulled.
Why did I bring a dirty weed with a snail attached, into the house?
I don't know what possesses me. 
I just wanted to show off the size of it I guess.
It's tempting to let them all get to that size, just for the joy of pulling them out. They come out so much easier than the less-advanced Dandelions. This one had been hidden in the Poppy growth.
I love these pink tips. Like a lady who has just stepped out the nail salon.

Being able to see the Allium just before it emerges is thrilling.

Bursting at the seams.

He's had to wait a while to see the effects of his planting.
But it's worth it.

The Daisies are plentiful, and I've decided that I don't care about the bare patched that might be there when they go.
The Daisies stay.
They are prettier than grass anyway.
And useful when making words and pictures with flowers.

72 Daisies 

Yet another pallet planter for us.
We have seeds to plant, but no where for them to go, so this is our solution.

It's heavy.

Our new, slightly raised bed.
In the background, you can see the path in the border where the dog runs, guarding our perimeters.  The plants do remarkably well considering the abuse they take from her.
But I don't think that the Osteospermums will last long, so I have been making an extra effort to appreciate them while they last.

My fav alpine in the 1st pallet planter is in bloom.

The trolls have also been inspired by Annie this year and wanted to come out and honour her with a little tribute of sorts in the garden sand pit.

50 (51) Honks for Mammasaurus!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. wow. where do i start? so much going on here. first, love all the flower images. i can see such a difference in your photography. well done! i love your vertical garden and am inspired to attempt one myself. as far as snails, when i see them in our garden, i throw them over the fence. bad, i know. but then i saw this:
    and i might reconsider...

  2. Those macro shots! Amazing! *speechless* #HDYGG

  3. wow fabulous post! so much gooing on but the alliums are just my very most favourite! spectacular xxxx

  4. YAY! 50 is the new 51, everyone knows that ;)

    Ahhh thank you Katie - I'm beaming here. This genuinely is my fave time of the week and I always smile as I click through to your posts as I know that there's always awesomeness throughout them :) And trolls too - you are spoiling me *honks like a goose*

    Right missy - alliums. Woah mamma! How utterly epic to see them about to burst and then bursting through - some proper hardcore macro skillz you got going on there. Bloody LOVE IT.

    Good job you live so far away else I would be round licking your face right about now...

    Thank you for joining in again oh daisy fiend... and I salute your dandelion lifting talents!

  5. I'm absolutely loving all your macro shots, especially the marigolds. The homemade seed roll looks like a really tasty treat for the birds. Your daisy sign is really thoughtful :)

  6. Oh my word Katie where to start, what an awesome post. Love the daisy sign for Annie, that's just wonderful. Love the macro shots and the pink tips - not seen those before, they're wild! The alium is pretty special too. Love, love, love the pallet planter and that pink alpine. Great to see some troll action too :)

  7. I especially adore your Allium shots - and seeing them in the different stages. Fab,

  8. Love the macro, the colours are just gorgeous! Pallet planters...great idea and it looks pretty amazing with the pop of colour against the wood, think we might need to try this.
    The bird feed is also going on the 'to do' list, if I can get Ahren to share his peanut butter that is!

  9. These are the most beautiful photographs. The dandelion macro is my favourite I think x

  10. Stunning!!!!!

  11. So many lovely images! I forgot to plant any alliums, but they are one of my favourite flowers x

  12. Such beautiful photographs! We have got some Alliums which are so close to opening. I can't wait for them to open they are beautiful flowers x #HDYGG

  13. Love the photos, especially the snails! #HDYGG

  14. Beautiful macro shots and I love the little daisies!


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