Sunday, 20 April 2014


I've just cast my vote for The Mad Blog Awards 2014, and while I'm at it, I'm joining in with The Reading Residence Word of the Week.

I love blogging. I love knowing that it is there for me as a creative outlet, a place to organize and offload my photos, a place to reflect and a place to appreciate the smaller things that may have otherwise gone un-noticed. A place to challenge myself, with techie issues, photographic challenges, and writing. A place that encourages me to do better in several different aspects of our lives. A place to share.

But I know that I am lacking in the organisation, skills and determination needed to keep it going well.

While I can't say that I know of, or read all of the blogs who are up for the vote, some of the blogs that I follow, adore and have a total Respect for, are in the finalists!
Bloggers that have never appeared to treat their blog or what it means with anything less than passion.
Bloggers that boggle my mind with the amount that they do and the positive effect that they have on others.


I totally wish that I could be attending the awards- mostly so that I could stalk their genius tooshies and give them my best Wayne and Garth impression.

You can cast your vote Here, and check out all of the brilliant blog finalists. But get on with it- voting finishes very soon!

The Reading Residence

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  1. Ah, a wonderful post and tribute. I can't agree with you more, and am delighted to see some of my favourites as finalists, too. This blogging malarkey is great, but does take a lot of time and dedication, too, so well done to them x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Ah this gives me the warm and fuzzies. In the past I've sat there on the evening watching some of my favourite reads and good friends winning their category and it's such a joyous moment, and surprisingly emotional x

  3. There are people who i look up to and try to emulate but could never cuz they are simply great. How can they do this things and still look awesome is beyond me thats why they are my idols and like you I wish I can go to stalk them =P #WOTW


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