Thursday, 24 April 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This week, we planted magic beans for Granny.  (I kept the rude ones for us!)
I can't wait to see how these turn out.

The Fatsia grew some chocolate Easter Eggs.

And the bunny hid them in hard to reach places. For cheeky fun:-)

And the freaky blond fronds on the fern are continuing their unfurling dance.
They continue to freak me out, because as I was trying to come up with some showy-offy, poetic way to describe their dance, they reminded me of snakes.
A basket full of poised little snakes.
I love my ferns, but they are making my skin crawl.
So here's some music for my ferns to groove to.

Other Ferns have yet to start uncoiling.

And yet another hairy fern with an odd, darker comb-over, reminds me of a squid or an octopus tentacle.

Looking thankfully less snake-like, or greasy-haired; I noticed how another Fern curls out from either side of the frond.
Like the top of a Cello,

or a Handlebar Moustache.
I have a hipster fern.

I noticed these because I thought there were dead, dry bits that were hanging off that needed removing. But they were the lighter-coloured new growth.
I find it fascinating.

The Acers have got their leaves back. 

Out and about, I enjoyed a walk in a Bluebell wood, Bluebells etc. and snapped some blooms in the newly opened Blenheim Palace Butterfly House.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Beautiful detail photos, I love the hanging bike

  2. such great shots!!!! and i am loving your vertical garden

  3. Wow your photos are so .. nice. I especially love the macro shots! How did you do that? Awesome shots!#HDYGG

  4. A chocolate egg that's something I'd like to see for sale in the garden centre :) We use to have a fern in our old garden, they look a bit alien when they start to grow and untangle!

  5. Ferns are amazing aren't they? Love your macro shots! Can't wait to see what the beans reveal! :D

  6. oh i am so in love with that last flower you were keeping that for the killer shot wernt you!! so glad you had a lovely hunt i really enjoy easter

  7. Hipster fern! Yeah!
    I've been gawping at un-curling ferns with a sort of 'what the holy mother of jeebers is going on there?!' kind of face - they fascinate and freak me out in equal measures. Oooo a plant growing chocolate eggs - now that's my kinda gardening ;)

    Loving the close ups missus, seriously gorg. :)

    Thanks for joining in again - I love your bean.

    Ew that sounded WRONG.

  8. your pallet garden has grown since i last saw it,
    fern photos are fantastic!
    those butterfly wings have such graphic designs.....gorgeous colours. (previous post).

  9. Oh Beautiful photos... I love the closeness you have gotten to them that you can even see the very fine hairs! and how cool is that bike on the wall!! I love it #HDYGG

  10. These are just gorgeous! I absolutely agree that that picture reminds me of the old windows backdrop, the colours look so neat and perfect. My husband got me some magic beans for christmas, they were pretty cool but are now on their last legs in the kitchen.

    And then those close ups of the fern and at Blenheim, so gorgeous. What camera and lens do you use?

  11. The snake/fern charming music made me laugh out loud! Yours is a happening garden.


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