Friday, 18 April 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Joining in so late with the How Does Your Garden Grow? Linky.
I just can't keep up.
But I want to!
And the Spring Break is going so much faster than I would like.
It was National Gardening week wasn't it? We have pottered quite a bit, pulling weeds, cutting grass, trimming borders, but we've yet to plant seeds and find a space to plant them!
Maybe later today...
Haven't we been so lucky with the weather recently?!
While these duck-like Daffs are not my fav outdoors, I love them as cut flowers indoors. They give such an almighty POW of cheap and cheerfulness. I have been too hard on them in the past and not realized how much I do appreciate them indoors.
I liked the idea of adding music to the garden and am going to carry this on- thank you Caroline:-)
Just like I was too hard on the ducky daffs in the past, I have also been too hard on Coldplay.
I am so fickle that I can't even stay faithful to my dislikes. But I suppose things change and that is good.
Sorry hubby. This song is Magic and mellow, and goes with my mood and the time.
 I can't get over my love of the Marigolds, self seeded from years gone past. They are tough, hard core, not fussy or precious or requiring any special Diva-like treatment.
And they are so simply bright, colourful and beautiful.
They don't concern themselves with other flowers that may be showy-er, frillier, fussier, higher bred. They stand bold and proud regardless of their competitions.(Of which there is none in our garden anyway.)
I like how they endure through neglect.
Self sufficient, independent souls that provide the main colour of our garden.
They just get on with it.
I inspire to be Marigold.

The first Osteospermum opens.

You lovely weed you.

Our Bee Fly friend has been hanging out here a lot.

I thought we should get on with it and eat that Fennel quick before it went over.

It was good. But I should have taken more time to pair it with something like Mammasaurus
I wish I ate more fish. I think that if someone prepared it for me like that, I am sure that I would love it.
That image makes me salivate for reals.

I couldn't bear to part with the leaves just yet so I stuck them in some water and into the sunny patch.

I am pleased that we have at least one blossoming apple tree as the other larger tree appears to be in shock after it's pruning treatment and not blossoming much.

The alpines blossom in the pallet.

All I need now is E.T.
 Hubby hung my bike for me. It's too high for me to ring the bell easily though! I didn't think it through. I just wanted a place to admire it from indoors. I'm also thinking of turning this area into a beer garden, so I might chuck some lights in the basket to be fancy, or a plant, or E.T.  Or all of them.
 Soaking and refreshing, replenishing the pallet planter. There may be bare spaces now, but I know they will multiply soon. New Succulents added from my in-laws. I have removed the pallet attachments to the wall and leaned it against the wall in hopes that it will retain water better. Meanwhile, I think a daily soaking will help. I have neglected it too long.

Happy Easter!
I'm off to squeeze out every last drop of sunshine and the kiddies being at home that I can.
Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. GAWWWWWJUSSSSS! Yay to see the pallet planter again, soak away and it'll soon be in full growth *BOOOOM*
    Loving all your close ups - so bright, little karate chops of colour to the eyeballs. Fennel is one of those things that's nicer with a lot of other strong flavours - I've a killer Sicilian Fish Stew recipe somewhere written down on a scrap of paper that just nom-worthy.
    Love the bike hanging there - that would make me smile daily :) Glad to hear you are enjoying Easter - keep on munching to the other side! x
    Thanks for joining in and sharing :)

  2. all those flowers! that bike! that pallet! ooo so much gorgeousness.....i didnt even get my post together thats how much i cant keep up! just loved landing on your post today instead xxxxxx

  3. Gorgeous, I especially love the forget-me-nots! Have a lovely Easter weekend!


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