Thursday, 10 April 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my in-law's garden last week.
I will be passing them all on and I know they will be pleased that they could share.

The sun is shining! There's plenty of work to be done in the garden. I started with cutting the grass. This took me all day because I kept getting stopping and distracted by rescuing ladybirds, peeping at new growth here and there and grabbing the camera with the macro lens, inspired to dust it off by posts like these and Basics of Macro Photography.
This is just a slap it all together one, because I love joining in but the sun is shining and I want to go out and play!!!
Looking forward to snooping through the other gardens in the morning with my coffee:-)

Confession: I grew this fennel because I liked the way it looked/smelled.  But now it's doing this and I think I'm supposed to eat it.  I will have to google what to do with this unless you all have any ideas?

The eaters of Hellebore?

My girly pointed this creature out to me. It's like a bee with a really long straw.  She thought it looked like a Bumblesnout from her school play.

I googled it, and it's a Bee Fly.  Or Bombyliidae. I love this name and it makes me think of The Gipsy Kings.

Blurry shot, but you can see almost how long that straw-like thing is!


Marigolds are going strong and so vibrant.

Blossoms on the Katy apple tree.

Rescued Ladybirds from the grass before mowing. One with a damaged wing.

So cute!

Hairy fern fronds. I find them quite freaky- they look like wet, blonde hair.

Happy, Happy Spring Break!!! 
I'm going out to play!
Shall I knock for you to come out too?

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. oh wow!!! you have outdone yourself with these shots! they are like out of a story book. and i think grilled fennel is supposed to be delicious ;)

  2. How cool is this?!!! So awesome! ... they are so small and yet they are so visible! I am so.. in awe! #HDYGG

  3. Not just me finding creepy crawlies on all my spring flowers! Beautiful close ups #HDYGG

  4. Looking at your photos, listening to the Gypsy Kings! Maybe we should all be setting our HDYGG posts to music...Lovely close up and personal photos, even the little woodlouse.

    1. Challenge:Accepted! Re:Music:-) I am rather fond of the woodlouse!

  5. I adore fennel it is so tasty, i love that fat caterpillar and i bet there is a blackbird somewhere that would love to munch it and i almost screamed at your aphids shot MY WORD SO MANY yikes!!!

    1. I had a feeling the hellebore dwellers would have some kind of scary name. Do I need to do something about them? I was just going to leave them be. I am looking forward to trying out the fennel!

  6. Awesome photos Katie, love them. No wonder you kept stopping with your gardening duties - I would too. Thank you so much for the mention, that's so nice of you. I'm going to check out that link too. And yes I always want to come out to play - ideally with Pimm's or a Mojito or a large glass of savvy :)

  7. Come and call for me!
    I'm with Caroline - soundtracks to our posts is the way forward for sure!
    Fennel is proper gorg. I have a sicillian fish stew recipe somewhere I'll dig out for you - salmon, chorizo, fennel, white win - that kind of vibe - served with hunks of crusty bread - it's heavenly!
    Loving the close ups this week - good to see daisies getting some l-o-v-e too :)

    Thanks for joining in - hope you are enjoying the hols!

  8. I love these macro shots, especially the Caterpillar. I've not seen one of those bee fly's before either, I shall have to keep my eyes peeled.

  9. the blossom on our apple tree has popped out too… I can't wait for it to flower! lovely photos x

  10. so very wonderful! gorgeous images. so glad we reconnected! so glad you got the seeds! love and hugs your failed seed exchange partner xxxxxx

  11. So much detail! Stunning photos as usual xxx

  12. your fern frond description made me laugh!


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