Saturday, 22 March 2014


Sharing some Outdoor Fun and my Lust for Life from last weekend:
I went on a big bike ride in the super gorgeous weather. 
I am still in the newlywed phase of my love affair with my bike.
I get out whenever I can and I love having so many areas to explore.

On my way, I stopped another biker to ask for directions.  He sent me through a military town with stuff like this that thrills my soul.  High security, abandoned looking, intriguing buildings galore. So I stopped here and there for a mini tour.

So Awesome. 
It was here when I turned round to find that my fellow biker had realised that he hadn't sent me the best way, and had come all the way back to find me and lead me in the right direction.
I was quite happy with the little detour anyway and tried to insist that he didn't have to escort me to my destination, but he insisted.  He told me that the weekend before, his bike broke down and a van picked him up and took him home, on the assumption that he would pay it forward. So he was.  And I hope I can do the same one day soon.

I was a bit embarrassed to bike with a proper biker. Especially in a hill zone. But he was so patient and led me to my destination: Brill Hill.

This was only the beginning. 
He and I both knew that there was no way I would make it up that hill on my bike, but he kindly gave me the benefit of the doubt.
I tried my best, but once I stopped for a breather, I struggled to get back on because it was just too steep.  I guess it must be tackled in one go?
Anyway, it was still a huge work out hiking up and I was a sweaty mess.
But it felt good.
And once I could manage it, I got back on to ride to the top to be greeted by:

The best welcoming committee ever.
(They insisted that we ALL wear our Sport Relief tops that day, and we did with pride.)

The Hubs is concerned with checking out my statistics. He has bugged my bike with a dooda that monitors my speed, distance and generally blinks numbers at me.
(Look at my honker. I am so proud of my honker.)

And we spent a while picnicking, frolicking, sun absorbing, kite flying and climbing around the mounds.

The Elmo kite flying above my head as I lay in the grass in the sun.

It has been busy as always; our schedules packed, and chaotic. It does get tiring, but overall;
I've got such a Lust for Life right now and it's wonderful.

Joining in with Country Kids from Coombe Mill

                                                                      Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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  1. Fantastic photo's and what a lovely bloke to help you like that! Great uplifting post x

  2. I do love a good bike ride, how kind of the fellow biker to be so concerned and come back for you, although it was an interesting path you was on. What a reward at the end, picnics and family fun in the sunshine on a beautiful spring day. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. What a legacy Team Honk has left you Katie. We love Brill Hill, it has a special place in Daddy P's heart #CountryKids

  4. What a lovely ride, especially your family meeting you. How nice of the other cyclist to help you out, cyclists are pretty special people :)


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