Saturday, 1 March 2014

Just a Spoonful of Everything

When I saw Jocelyn from The Reading Residence 's tweet this morning about joining in for her "Word of the Week" linky, I thought I could do it. I thought it would be fun, and then commenced brainstorming about what my word of the week could be.

The trouble is; I can't play this game very well. Committing myself to one word that would sum up my week felt impossible.  I couldn't even choose a word to sum up a day. The range of my emotions varies as do my experiences and I'm afraid that I was just taking the labeling thing all to seriously to play this game well.

Here is an example of the thoughts that went through my head:

Chaos: I have discovered that I favour life with Just a spoonful of chaos.  I have come to realise that when I see things that are too ordered, clean, tidy and well thought out, it makes me jittery and makes me want to mess around with stuff.
Saying that, although I/we make a big mess at home, I am usually ok with it because I know that we are enjoying life and creating. But only up to a certain point, when I then freak out and go on a tidying mission and rampage and wish that we could be tidier. And not such hoarders.  Which brings me to another word of the week:
Hoard: I like to get creative. I struggle to throw something out if there may be some potential to create something with it in the future.  I am hoping to do an installation with plastic bottles in the near future, which meant that I have been collecting and receiving plastic bottles.  It got to the point where the pile of bottles and other recyclable rubbish and art supplies was higher than my waist and blocking entry to the garage.  I had to deal and sort that this week, and it felt Overwhelming. And with that comes the Shame of hoarding.

Of course there is the ever present Shame about not being on top of everything- communication with friends/family. School work/housework/job work....

Anxious/Excited: Started a mixed age after school art club this week.  I have been anxious because I want to please everyone involved and provide enough challenges to everyone. Excited because this is a passion of mine and honoured to have this opportunity. Fascinated by how everybody experiences, approaches and creates art in a different way.

Focus/unfocused: In choosing plans for this art group, I have really struggled to tie myself down and to focus.  I just want to do EVERYTHING.  Narrowing things down and reigning in my energy is something that I have realised that I am not so good at.

Nervous/ Proud/ Desire/Bewilderment/Excitement at receiving two nominations for The Mad Blog Awards! Now with Entertaining Innovations

Desire to get on my bike and ride. A recently new passion. Pleased that I have just about achieved my latest target of averaging 10 miles an hour.

Dreaming of planning and booking the next BIG, LONG bike ride.

Frustration and disappointment at having been let down by someone.

Bonds Appreciation of the bonds that my children and I have formed with the children in my care. And Love.

Hopeful Anticipation of the next stage in my/our lives soon to come. And enjoying planning for this.

But I suppose if I was forced to come up with one word to sum it all up, it would have to be Awesome.
Because this is life.
This is my life. I am glad that I have feelings. I am glad that I am fickle and cannot be tied down, because I get so much enjoyment from it all.

I had been worried that I was over using the word Awesome.
Until we saw The Lego Movie.
And now I feel justified and hip again to use this word.
Because everything really is (generally) Awesome.

And just after I sketched out this rambling little essay, I found this:
Dad's Napkin Notes
So true.

And so to summarize, my word of the week would have to be AWESOME.

The Reading Residence

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  1. I love Awesome! I totally agree, you can never have too much Awesome! So pleased you managed to choose a word and join in. I can tell that is was an enormous challenge! I'm one of those non-hoarders who happily throws away art work by the kids and mementoes of special days out we've had, so I doubt 'hoard' will ever be my word!, but other than that, I can easily see weeks where I could have the others, so I'll wait and see what the weeks bring me :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW x


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