Friday, 7 March 2014

International Women's Day, Lasting Change and a Postcard from Tanzania!

Last month, we biked 60 miles as Oxford's part in the Team Honk blogger relay raising money for Sport Relief. This relay is still going strong and has currently raised £21,978 for Comic Relief.
To celebrate International Women's Day, Tanya, Annie and Penny are in Tanzania to see how donations to Sport Relief last year have helped female entrepreneurs develop by creating lasting change for women, their families and communities through The Gatsby Trust.

I was delighted to receive my Penny's postcard from Tanzania! Meet Lucy:
Through mentoring and training, the Gatsby Trust gave Lucy the confidence to develop her business and to network after moving from the countryside to the city, She is an inspirational creative who brought out so many beautiful, imaginative handcrafted items to show us. More than that she is a teacher and looks forward expanding her business by training other women who want to start up craft and textile businesses.

Oh I would love to spend a crafty day with Lucy, sharing and exchanging ideas.
Receiving these postcards gave me a real feeling of "Wish I was there", but Annie, Tanya and Penny are doing an amazing job sharing their stories and experiences with us and have squeezed a huge amount into their short visit.
For more about their epic voyage and to see more postcards, check out the links here.

Wishing Annie, Tanya and Penny a safe journey home. I am really looking forward to hearing and seeing more!

How you can help:
Please RT, share and support any updates you see with the #lastingchange hashtag.
You can sponsor #teamhonkrelay for Sport Relief and help create #lastingchange
Get involved and join in with your local Sport Relief event here.
Thank you for helping to create #lastingchange

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