Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I am annoyed with Madonna.

There are probably certain times that I should be imposing restrictions to keep off of the Internet. Times when I get all hot and bothered under the collar about things that I see, and find myself over reacting and my blood boiling.
Perhaps this is one of these times, but never-the-less; I've got a bee in my bonnet.

This just doesn't sit well with me.
The only reasons that I could think of as to why he is not wearing a seat belt is because 1) He is famous. 2) It would interfere with his pose and outfit for the picture.
But it's not just that.

Wife Beater? 
It's a vest. It's a tank top.
 It's men's underwear.  
Yes. I know they're often referred to as wife beaters, and I know that I probably saw a humorous side to that when I was a little jerk and a teenage shmuck.
But this is a poor choice of words for someone who knows better and it's not funny. To me, it sounds like someone showing off with slang.
And on your kid?!
Hello? Teaching Values? 
I know that Madonna being controversial is nothing shocking or new.
So why does it bother me so much?
Maybe it's because of all the other stuff she posts on instagram.  Posts that show her dedication to women's rights.

I'm sure this is probably referring to gay marriage laws, but to me, it shows a direct contradiction to throwing the term "wife beater" around so loosely.

Perhaps what bothers me even more is the fact that this "wife beater" post is still up, hours later and has had a huge number of likes.
There are many fans coming to her defense for use of the term and criticizing those who apparently have a lack of humour.
One claimed that it is the "official" term for the style of top and that even Target advertises them as such.
I checked. 
And I couldn't find proof of this. 
But if I had, I would have complained to them too.

Of course we have all heard this term used before.
But does that make it ok, and inoffensive because of it's over use?
As a public person, I would expect a bit more consideration, and thought to go into what you put out onto the Internet under your name.
I have also put stuff out there that I then regret.
And then after some consideration, I take it down.
Or have the courage to apologize for a careless comment.
Causing some offence isn't always worth it.
Being defensively unapologetic and accepting no regrets is foolish frame of mind.
Fair Enough. I have done just that.
And I did report it as offensive, because I am at that point where I will say what I feel and I will Chime In.
It's always a shame when your childhood heroes don't live up to your expectations.

And my word of the week shall be: Rant. 
I found myself ranting about seat belt rule breakers again this week here.
The Reading Residence
Rant. Over.


  1. well said, katie!.......i agree with you.

  2. Brilliant rant! I confess, I hadn't heard this term, and I just don't get it now that I have. I do agree with your viewpoint, though. It is disappointing when people that we admire go down in our ideals and eyes like this. An unfollow and a deep breath. All well said. Thanks for sharing your rant and joining in with #WotW x


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