Thursday, 13 March 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 Ahhh Spring. My memory card is loaded with life. So much so, that I have really had to pick and choose today.  In order to focus, I have chosen pictures that document the changes that have happened within the course of one week.
 I love how joining in with Annie's weekly linky makes me take more notice of the little things.
But the Pampas grass was no little thing.
The removal of which continued from last week, hacking away bit by bit.
I got as low as I could and then stuck a fork down and tried to wiggle it out.
There was no movement.

I then went and googled How to get rid of Pampas grass and was quite annoyed that we couldn't burn it seeing as I planted it so close to the fences and houses. Anyway, I think that fire is used to prune them.

Handy Hubby took over with the axe, and eventually dug the rest out.

I have been informed that I am forbidden for ever planting another Pampas Grass until we are in a position where we can employ gardeners.
As beautiful as it was, I tend to agree.
It was a monster.
But at least now we can get to the area and replace that and now I can dream of slightly more sensible things to plant in the empty space.

The Pampas Grass broomsticks/jousting sticks/mops/feather dusters/large quill pens/sword thingies.

The fuzzies have developed tints of yellow pollen.

The Eucalyptus that I planted last year is trying.

The twisted Willows buds have appeared.

And there are buds appearing on the plum and apple tree, which is a relief to see that we didn't kill them during our big pruning session last year.

Our feet and hands are still intact in the herb garden that needs some TLC.

And of course, the daffodils have opened.

Confession: I don't care for Daffodils, but I remember my hubby telling me once that he liked them, so they have been planted purely for his enjoyment.

Another Hard Core, year round Marigold bloom.

Seriously, what is all this?
Poppies I think? What else? I guess I will have to just leave them to it and find out.

From one week to the next, I'm pleased that I caught them in their glory last week.

I'm guessing this grass was a one season only? It doesn't look hopeful does it? How long should I keep a dead plant in the hopes of a Resurrection?

The Fennel held up better than I had hoped.

And the Lavender seems to have survived my tough love pruning.

I still like looking at this dead Nasturtium.
Morbidly eye pleasing to me I guess.

Some more TLC needed here there and everywhere.
Things in sheltered spaces need watering, which didn't occur to me so things are suffering.

The bottom sedum has fallen out with the weight, so I've replanted and will add some wire supports.
And water them.

We have been enjoying the golden hours and frolicking in the garden again.
And I've just seen a glimpse of what Mammasaurus brought back on her memory card from Tanzania for us!!! I cannot wait to go back and have a good proper look!
Just as soon as we get back from errands...

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Haha, love the Pampas Grass broomsticks! Brilliant! Gorgeous photos as usual, so interesting xxx

  2. Love those foot prints!
    The grass looks a nightmare, eek!

  3. oh my, that grass sounds like it was such a pain to remove… that's good to know as I quite fancied planting one… I might have a rethink now!! it's nice to see so much growth, I do hope our apple tree survives the pruning it received a few weeks ago! x

  4. First I LOVE the pampas broomsticks! Such a good idea! Pampas sounds a bit like bamboo in the annoying stakes - and to be denied a good burn well that's just not cricket. I love how your garden is looking - beans planter especially :)

    Thanks for joining in and sharing again, I love your photos, you know that already yes?

  5. I like the thought of your memory card being loaded with life - lovely phrase. And those broomsticks - brilliant!

  6. wow that pampas grass is a pain huh? sounds like you are grounded from me like i am with bamboo. and those fuzzies.... they are even more dreamy than they were last week. love your vertical succulent garden too. so many good things going on!

  7. Your daffodils look lovely - still waiting for mine to open up .......

  8. That Pampus is a beast!!! I think that rusty tin makes a nice plant pot, especially with the purple flowers. I'm not hugely bowled over by daffodils either but I put them in the garden for some much needed colour in early Spring :) Beautiful photos.

  9. You have a lovely garden! It's starting to make me jealous!!! x

  10. Your twisted willow looks like barbed wire at first glance - but so much nicer!

  11. oh my word what hard work you poor guys must have been pooped after taking out the pampus, very cute picture of the kids with the grass

  12. You have so much going on in your garden.


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