Thursday, 27 February 2014

Now with Entertaining Innovations!

Monday morning brought me the news that someone in the internet world had nominated Randomnest for The Mad Blog Awards in the Most Entertaining and Most Innovative Categories.

Imagine the Owl is this news
that I am about to receive.
The photos below should give you an impression of my reaction to this information.

What me? This is awkward- I think you might have got the wrong number.
I don't think it was meant for me. I'm kind of socially awkward you know? 

Read through several times- name confirmed.
Waaat? I don't know what to do with this! What do I do? 
Panicked images of the possibility of attending the event bring visions of travelling alone, sitting alone, having no one to dance with at the disco- flashing through my mind.
Speaking in public to people I don't know, with no one I know.
I don't even know how to blog! I mean really blog. I still don't know what all those buttons do and it's in desperate need of an overhaul.
I still haven't even fully "come out" as a blogger, if there is such a thing.
But hey.
I've been nominated for an award. 
Someone out there think thinks that this blog is Innovative and Entertaining.

Well that's really nice. 

The stories and pictures from last year looked like such a good time, and I had wished that I had the guts to do those social blogger things. 
I could meet people off the internets. 
I've been wanting to do that.
I could practice my stalking skills.
Last year, Dr.Ranj attended The Mad Blog Awards. I could have expressed my love and appreciation of the Poo song to him in person.


I wonder who will be there this year...

I've been nominated in The Mad Blog Awards.
And I like it.
I like it a lot.

Of course I've still got that nervy, scared feeling like when I'm about to watch a scary movie or go on a roller coaster or Ferris Wheel.
(Yes, ferris wheel. That bit at the top when your stomach tries to tell you that you are in fact on a roller coaster and you have to concentrate on not wetting your pants.)
But you still want to go on.

That niggly thing that tells me that everyone will do that chant "Who are ya?" is kind of scary too.
But rather than stand on the side, pondering yet again if I could have summoned up the guts to go on the ride and regretting not putting myself out there a bit more...

I'm gonna take this ride.

WOoooo HOOoo!
Thank you secret internet person! I'm thrilled to have been nominated for the MAD Blog awards!

About The Mad Blog Awards: The Mads
The Mad Blog Award Nominations page: Vote


  1. You are AMAZING! Don't be surprised. This blog is funny, inspiring and has great photos! GO!

  2. Amazing captures - as always. I adore the owl shots!


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