Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Biking Road Trip: Team Honk Oxford; The Mini Movies

You didn't think that was it for photos from our Team Honk-ing weekend did you?

Handy Hubby was responsible for taking most of the pictures our Team Honk weekend, so being the techie gadget lover that he is; he also rigged up my bike with an action camera which then took 10,377 photos of our journey over the weekend.

I was pretty excited to ride/drive a camera.  It helped me feel more relaxed when I saw something awesome (which is honestly at least every three minutes through my eyes) knowing that I didn't have to stop biking to get the phone camera out and that the action camera would capture it.

Or so I thought.

I was a bit disappointed when I watched the playback because:
-It doesn't look how it felt.
-It appears to be a simple, effortless, Sunday pedal. In fact, it doesn't even look like we are pedalling at all.
-The hills are non-existent on camera. I'm pretty sure I remember quite a few (monster) hills being in the Cotswolds and all. But because the camera is parallel to the road, you don't get the gradient effect. Apparently. I still don't get that.
-You can't see the full extent of the floods. We passed through so many areas where the water was just kissing the sides of the road on either side. Although we did pass through a couple of flooded zones, and had to re-route at least once, we were so fortunate that they didn't affect our journey too much.
-You can't feel the wind.  The open areas on both days provided us with a huge challenge of getting through the force of the wind.  On film, it looks like we rode through those zones like a knife through butter but we had a lasting natural cheek blush courtesy of wind burn.
-The attack of the hail stones looks like a few specks of rain on camera.

To summarise, watching the video makes me doubt myself. Was it really as challenging as I thought?
And everything was so much prettier in real life. It just doesn't quite look how I experienced it, but it's a nice memory to have anyway.

The battery ran out on the prettiest part of the journey on Day 1, and didn't quite catch our mini drama on Day 2 (I was so looking forward to playing that back) And then ran out of battery for the finish. To be fair, we had been late, got lost etc. But the finish was such a happy sight, it would have been nice to catch on camera.

My favourite bit is the very beginning.  We had such a great send off and you can see all those lovely people right at the sunny start.
And I do love those muddy, country roads on day two.

I love how this weekend has changed me.
Honking makes me feel good.
There is a slight firming effect that is gradually taking shape on my thighs, and I am encouraged by the physical benefits. I'm watching what I eat a little more than I did before. Mainly because I want to up the distances that I can achieve, and the lighter I weigh; the more efficient I can bike?
Doing this physical activity and getting to go OUTSIDE does wonders for my mental well being too.
I don't seem to do well when stuck indoors for long and making dedicated time to do this will help me to do better in other areas of my life, I am sure.
(Of course I go outdoors regularly, but being my own physical being that is not attached to a dog on a lead, or another human being is nice because it gives me a chance to "regroup" with myself.)

There has been mention between Kelly, Frankie and myself of aiming for achieving 60 miles in a day, and looking even further ahead to 100 miles in a day. I love how it's turning out not to be a weekend fling after all. I really think we could make something of this.
Dare I say it?
Could this be Love?

This morning, I popped out to do the 9 mile ride that really took it out of me at the beginning of my "training", just over one month ago.
Today; I conquered it.
 I didn't have to stop on my nemesis hill at. all.
That could be because I have learnt that it is beneficial NOT to wear jeans, but elasticated waistband trousers. NOT to carry the big, heavy camera around with me as it adds weight, and being able to use and change the gears has helped immensely. And I am sure that I am at least slightly fitter than when I started.  I am learning how to work with my own body more.

I love being able to see this progression. And I love my new hobby.

Have a look here to see what the rest of Team Honk have been up to. This relay is EPIC.

Team Honk 2014 blogger Relay

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  1. I love it! Go! Go! Go!

  2. Great camera work, you did such an amazing job in some really tough conditions. Well done

  3. Wow you covered so much ground didn't you!


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