Sunday, 12 January 2014

Throw Those Curtains Wide


Deer in the mist

(Where sleepy deer lay.)
One day like this a year would see me right for life.

What's the Story:
I am not usually up and out of the house for sunrise.  Especially not on a Sunday.
But our little man joined us in our bed during the night and so sleep was not really happening for me and I gave up early in the morning.
I needed to get lunches and breakfasts made for our students anyway as they were heading out for the day.
When I looked out the window and saw the glittery frost, I scrambled myself and the dog together to head out. 
I thought we would go over to the floods to see if they had iced over, but as I rounded the corner, I saw the sunrise and mist and all it's beauty luring me over to this field.
It was the most amazing sunrise that I have ever seen and I am feeling humble and honored that I got to be there to witness it.
(Dog on a lead because of the deer.  She was so happy though.  She seemed to know that something special was happening!)




  1. Oh wow, how glorious! Just what I needed! (my oldest just left for uni again, won't see him again until mid-March...)

    1. Oh my heart! I'm sure that time will come round too soon for me as well. x

  2. katie you have captured the light perfecftly.
    you have excelled this time!!

  3. Such stunning pictures my dear and perfect for our link up x

  4. Wow what a beautiful sunrise, and your photos are amazing! x

  5. Oh wow Katie these photos are just wonderful - love every single one of them. I'm itching for a day like this, you must have been in your element! Thank you so much for sharing, just brilliant #whatsthestory

  6. Wow, what a lovely sunrise and your photos are just stunning. Love the deer in the mist shot x

  7. Katie I'm sitting in dark kitchen eating my breakfast and feeling rather grumpy about heading off to work shortly. I just opened this post and all these pictures of the sunrise have put such a big smile on my face. It is spectacular. And your dog looks as though he is smiling in that first picture of him. Gorgeous post as usual Mrs! xxx

  8. so, so amazing!! love the shots of the sun rising through the stems. so beautiful. can't remember the last time i woke for a sunrise

  9. WOW WOW WOW - what awesome photos and how lucky to see such a stunning sky. That's one of my favourite songs too xxx

  10. Woweee. Stunning images! I wish I had taken them!


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