Sunday, 19 January 2014

Some People Pay for Thrills...

Well actually so do I.
I paid £7.57 for my little thrill.

So excited I was, to give this little beauty to my little beauty who loves (to destroy) chew toys.
But to my frustration, she didn't get it.

Dog: Yeah? What?
Are you going to throw it to me or what?
Me: Stop staring and just put it in your mouth already!

There! She's doing it!
No, not like that, in the front of your mouth.

Put it in your mouth! 
The suspense is killing me.

Yeah, yeah! She's going to do it now!

NO! Put it in your MOUTH!
Come on!

You know you want to.

She wants to play fetch and chew and I want her to SMILE.

In other news, my dog is an alien.
I don't mind who or what she is, just as long as she puts the gosh darn teeth in her mouth already.

Poised for attack, but not putting her falsies in.

Don't give me that look.
Yes, you are succeeding in winding me up.
I paid good money for those teeth, now wear them!

Just about to give up, I discover I can pop them in if I play tug of war with her.


Awww man. You're going to put these on Facebook or something, aren't you mom?
I am so proud.
So proud.

Gracious, smiley girl.
She's a Laaaayyydeee!

One can never have too many photos of their dog humoring their people friends.

Let's do our Jack Nicholson impressions!
Apparently, she is not as enthusiastic as I was.

This is not a review, but although I got my little Bonkers thrill, I can't leave her to play with her "teeth" or they would be destroyed within three minutes I am estimating.
So these are for special occasions.
Also, if you haven't got as much patience as I have, (ehem) this may not be the right toy for you and your dog because it takes a long time to get it positioned right.
I am regretting our decision not to give our kids dummies, as there is a whole lot of fun that goes on with the dummy market too, and I reckon those would be easier to position right.


  1. Oh I love this! So funny! So patient! Go Pippi! Go Katie!

  2. LOL! You nutters! This could so work on the kids too - that wouldn't be too wrong would it ? ;)

  3. Brilliant, and what a clever idea. My dog used to destroy squeaky toys! :)

    1. Oh she does destroy toys. We take bets on how long it will take her! So we keep some toys aside for "interaction" toys because if she had them all at her disposal, she would destroy them and have nothing left to play fetch/tug of war with!

  4. hahaha Just saw this and I'm in tears!! Brilliant!!


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