Monday, 6 January 2014

Katie and Her Camera

When I saw PODcast's Linky: What's The Story, I immediately thought of this picture that I had recently re-found.  
 It was sixteen and my uncle had given me a Canon Slr camera, that had been given to him by my Grandpa.
I'm not sure if it had just been given to me, or if I had had it for a while, but here my aunt; who is also a keen photographer, is trying to show me how to use it.
You can see, that I am a bit perplexed and overwhelmed by the little details.
I still am. I do a lot of spinning-of-the-wheel-and-seeing-what-happens to this day.
(That also has something to do with my aversion to numbers, instructions, lack of ability to remember things, and also my desire to have surprising outcomes.)

I was really pleased to find this picture because it represents a huge turning point in my life.
This was the start of a our love affair.

How lucky was I to be given such a fantastic camera, at such a young age, and let loose with it?!
Although I was extremely grateful, I am sure that I didn't quite realise the value of the camera at that point.
And I think that was a good thing because although I was careful and protective, I used it.
A lot.

A lot, a lot.

I hauled huge books about photography home from the library on a weekly basis and devoured them.
I used my babysitting/pocket money for films and development of the negatives. 
And as if I couldn't get lucky enough; I had access to the school's darkroom. And for a good year or more, I even had it to myself. I spent many lunch periods and after school hours locked up in the dark with my photos, chemicals and my radio.
Peacefully excited.
Hiding from high school dramas.
Hanging out with me and enjoying it.

And I was encouraged.

No one told me that I couldn't carry on focusing on photography and using the darkroom because it wasn't worth the cost of the chemicals if it was only me using it.
I was encouraged to learn for myself, but given guidance, tips and opinions.
The perfect balance to fuel my interest.

I still have that first camera. 
I didn't "give it up" without a fight.
Handy Hubby is all for techie stuff and "upgrading" technology.
Pshhh! No way digital can come anything close to film.
I thought.

But eventually, I relented.
And today we have a modern version of my old love.
And I am still in love.
Still lucky.
It never gets old, we've never had a rough patch, and I doubt we ever will. My only grievance is that she is heavy, bulky and awkward, and not easy to lug around everywhere. But it's almost always worth it.
I think I might go back to my first camera sooner or later.  Take her out for a spin for old times sake.
But really, they are one and the same.

At times, we can be one of those sicky, over-the-top lovey-dovey couples.  Always together.
Always touching.
In your face.

And I try to be respectful of others, holding back when it's inappropriate.
But I do love my camera.

Today: A couple shot.

A vintage book from another Aunt.
Given to me for the relevance of the title.
I've had it for years, but never read it.  One day.

Fyi- it's from Warren L.Miller Elementary School Library, Mansfield, Pennsylvania.
Miss Allen's class wrote some of their names inside the front cover.
Little details that make me smile.

Remember when I was saying that I like to give the kids decent supplies to work with when creating if I can?
Working with lacklustre, faulty supplies is hardly going to fuel the fire is it? 
If my first real experience of photography had been with a faulty, weak camera, perhaps it might not have grabbed my attention as much.

I wonder if Canon wants to work with me to help me be "matchmaker" for someone...
A decent camera for a keen young'un.
A photographic pass it forward scheme...
Dreams. Dreams. Dreams.



  1. i love that post, so great you found the picture, i adore my camera but am a newbie and the learning curve is so steep it's vertical!

  2. What a wonderful story Katie and so lovely to see you here - I always love your posts. Incredible to find that old photo and I love your camera (my camera and lenses are all Canon too). Exciting times! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  3. How lovely to have that beautiful photograph to go with the memories. :)


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