Thursday, 9 January 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This afternoon, we popped down to check the level of the river.
Before we moved here the houses in our area flooded quite badly.
Since then, they have put a flood defence in, but with all the rain we have been having, the neighbours have been on alert and regularly monitoring the levels.
They commented a couple of days ago:
"We should be fine, so long as it doesn't rain anymore."

But of course, it's carried on.
And last night as it was pouring down, I was planning in my head.
I am a worrier.
Not much you can do to stop a flood is there?
Anyways, I thought we should have a look for ourselves.

So the river is normally the bit in between the rows of trees.
And to the right are the fields where we would walk the dog.

On the left is our flood defence wall.  As we were observing, another couple came to check and commented that earlier in the day, the water had been up to the path.

As damaging as it is, it was also very interesting to hear the stories about the flood in years gone by.
To learn that flooding can come from the ground up.  I had just imagined a sort of wave, or beach getting closer and closer.
I was also surprised at how fast the water was flowing.

Very grateful to our flood wall. There is even a plaque commemorating when it was put in along the path.
At the weekend, our drains were close to overflowing sewage into the gardens because of a collapsed pumping system.  I had joked that I could write a post "How does your garden flow."
This is a reality for many right now.

It makes me sad to think of all the hard work being washed away.
Especially these shots of the allotments:
Photos #27 and #37

Fingers crossed, the rain will ease off soon!
At least we've had a nice, rain free, sunny afternoon today.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Goodness, the water in those fields! It is awful, the damage that is being caused :( I'm glad that your flood defence wall is doing it's job. I hope that things start to dry up soon x

    1. I was amazed that it was such a simple wall for such a big job. I've passed by there often, but never realized that it was a significant wall. I do hope the rain holds off. It's lovely to listen to when going to sleep,but not when there is the threat of flooding!

  2. We also live in a high flood-zone, between two rivers even. I'm expecting some warnings to come up this weekend. We have a whole computer system with gauges of the rivers etc so that we can see when we really should get worried. Good luck with the stress levels!

    1. Eeek! That sounds intense. We are signed up to receive warning calls, but I guess I'm not sure how much time there would be. The neighbours said it came really quickly. I think we will be ok. Can't help but worry and think about planning for different scenarios. We are so lucky right now. I hope everything is ok for you this weekend.

  3. So much water everywhere - incredible photos though Katie. Good the flood barriers are doing what they should. We have flooding near us in Guildford but we're higher up thankfully. Hopefully that sunshine will return soon :)

  4. thanks for the photos, hope the rain stops.
    flooding is scary when the water rises quickly.

  5. Oh blimey Katie, how worrying for your local area. Beautiful photos of course and how interesting it must be to hear the takes of years gone by. Floods are have always been one of those thing I hear about on the news but don't know anyone who is near them until now.
    I am doing a sunshine dance for you right now - thanks for joining in again - keep me posted and stay safe xxx

    1. thank you for your sunshine dance! It must be working because there was no rain last night! Keep it up! X

  6. That field where you walk the dog shot is rather alarming. Seems to have stopped now, so hopefully the river will soon drop back to it's normal level x

  7. oh my goodness i feel for you i really hope there will be no more rain for you love the hope plant you shot how apt

  8. That is amazing! I hope everything stays dry for you, but it sounds like you have your hands full with all sorts coming at you.

  9. I find it so very interesting looking at flood pictures, I think I just find it amazing how powerful the force of nature is - not amazing I'm sure if your are affected by flooding though. Lets hope the rain stops very soon.


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