Monday, 9 December 2013

Puzzle Pieces

Here's a little update on my last post: Slide show of a Stranger's Holiday
While I was showing my in-laws the pictures of the slides that I found, thanking them for letting us use their projector, we were wondering together about where we thought each of the photos were taken.
Austria, Italy, Spain were some of the places mentioned.
But when we came to the mountain shot;
and my father in law said that he knew exactly where that was taken.
He scooted off to the other room to return with a framed print.
The Wetterhorn Mountain in the Swiss Alps that looks down on the village of Grindelwald.

They honeymooned there! Here are a couple of shots from their honeymoon that they managed to find so quickly on the computer.  They have been working on archiving their photographs and slides and I can't wait to see more!

I couldn't wait to share that little exciting coincidence and piece of the puzzle! 


  1. Fantastic - how exciting. It's like time travel, only better!

  2. OH MY WORD! What an amazing coincidence - almost as if you were meant to find that slide x


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