Thursday, 12 December 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I've missed you these last couple of weeks.
I just couldn't keep up! And I probably still can't, as there are few things looming here and there that need doing.
But never mind.
Although nothing too much has been happening in the garden over the last few weeks, I wanted to join in all the same.
We appear to have cress growing in the playhouse. The floors been soggy.  We've changed it's position a few times to try to prevent this happening, but it still happens.  Not sure how much longer she'll hold up. :-(

Man Down.
These were taken last week when I popped out to try to do the final winter checks and move things out of the wind's harm.  
It was a very blustery day.
There also appear to be some confused seedlings coming up.
Turn back! It's not time yet surely!

We may have killed some plants already in our newly planted border.  Who thinks of watering in the winter?

The kids have still been busy, making concoctions of sorts.
I love chain link fence and the little nooks.
A bit of rough.
There are all sorts of makeshift fencing going on in here.
I admire the lover embrace going on with the man-made rod and natures vine. I don't know what that vine is/was? Maybe the wisteria that tries to take over the monster hedge.

It was dry enough to crunch the leaves under foot.
This was a good one.

The Acers finally succumbed and let their last of the leafy garments fall from the stems.

It was so windy, it was hard to catch the little flecks of pink.
They always surprise me.
And it was hard to capture the fennel, still green, getting thrown about in the wind.
So I caught it for a moment.

I didn't do the last cutting when I should.
But I enjoyed seeing the wind rippling through the long patches like a mini meadow.

The little bunny tails are appearing on the Willow.

The strawberry leaves are showing off.
And I was going to take a funny, "sexy" shot of my crocs. 

But then I actually looked down and realised that's not even funny anymore.
And actually, probably never was.

Oh the shame.
I can't even blame it on the fact that they are old, can I?
Those shoes are about the goofiest shoe ever.
Yes, I'm in my sexy jogging bottoms too. It was a home day, and better than some other outfits that I have popped out into the garden with.
But what are the alternatives?
I throw these on a good few times a day.
If I didn't have them, would I go out as much?
In summer, I prefer flip flops, but seriously, what are the alternatives for the other seasons?
Wooden clogs?
I could get some real wood ones from Holland and burn my own designs into them and then put them out once a year for Sinterklaas.
They need to be slip-on-able while holding a small child/large basket of washing/large chunky camera/other random bits.
They need to be solid-ish. Maybe even steel-toed.  I do like to jump in and use power tools on a whim.

Any ideas?

Because these might have to be confiscated.

They are just so handy!

I wouldn't really care, except that I know I have been lazy and have thrown them on in front of actual people too.  Last Christmas Eve, I threw them on in a hurry when we had to call out an ambulance for my little one's breathing problems.  I had hoped that they would give him a dose of the good O2 and let us go back to bed and Christmas day prep but it was a trip up to the hospital for us.
Where all the other patients had obviously been out to the most glamorous events of the year.

You know how your mother always tells you to always make sure you are wearing clean underwear in case you are in an accident?
Maybe the same should apply for shoes.

In the grand scheme of things, this stuff doesn't matter in the slightest.
But perhaps it's always good to try not to let one's standards slip too much.

Finally, our ten (?) year old Christmas tree has been dragged to the front of the house ready for decorating.
But do the needles always go orange/brown?
I can't remember.
A little white feather begins the decorations.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. You do make me laugh! I'm not a fan of Crocs myself, but then I've not experienced the handiness of them, have I?! I pop wellies or trainers on to go out there - perhaps not as easy to do? My acer has succumbed like yours, and our strawberry plants look just like yours, too. Lots of lovely photos x

    1. Thanks! Maybe shorter wellies would work... I have knee highs and those are no good for bending down. Trainers don't work for me, because they need a bit of pulling on, and canvas gets wet through. Gosh- I think I must be high maintenance. A wipe-able shoe is also handy for the garden:-)

  2. What a great post and a lovely way to start my blog reading this morning. For what it's worth, keep the crocs-or get a new pair. I see your points, but they're just so handy and let's face it, handy is key!

  3. Dansko or Hasbeen or Sanita clogs could be a nice alternative to those Crocs. I have to tell you that I've had a very nasty fall while wearing Crocs. Once the tread wears off, throw them out, very very slippery!

    1. Oh I totally LOVE the Dansko and Sanita ones especially. They are so nice though- I bet I would try to cherish them for "special gardening occasions" like I tend to do with new/quality things. I think that although they are useful, these are probably pretty dangerous. They have stretched and are wider than they need to be and yes, pretty slippy on the wet patio. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. I don't own crocs myself, but the kids would live in theirs year round if I let them, so they must be comfy!? Gorgeous collection of photos.

    1. I love the kids in crocs when they fit well. And I did love these for their easy-ness at one point. They are comfy! For kids as well, it means they can go in and out a lot easier. We are bit lazy and spur of the moment kind of people so laces and velcros are kill joys.

  5. Fabulous post - you always make me laugh whether it's trolls, a man down or leafy garments! Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy, great selection of photos. As I've not attempted to grow cress yet I'm not sure what the answer is other than keeping it dry!

    1. Thanks Charly! Busy as always but happily so! x

  6. s far as i am concerned, the only time one should wear crocs is in the garden. that is what they are for. so i guess they are your sexy gardening shoes ;)

  7. you always make me for the crocs i have no answer.
    i have never been tempted to even try a pair. having said that some times i change my mind about things.
    years ago i thought dresses worn with pants or jeans was disgusting, now i wear them together often.

  8. Yay, you're back!


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