Thursday, 19 December 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow? Christmas Special

This year, we got a real one!
And we got it local, (hands an apple to Annie) 
from my favourite garden centre: Bunkers Hill Garden Shop
I don't know what kind it was.
We couldn't spend too long being picky.
But I LOVE it.
I'm just hoping that she'll make it to Christmas- the needles are dropping now when replacing ornaments that have been knocked off.
Not long now.

Trainspotting under the tree is a favourite pastime.

Eighties Angel.
I made this Styrofoam beauty many, many years ago.

 Paperchase does Christmas so well.
(Couple of years old)

I decked the halls with tree offcuts from the garden centre.
I'm no pro at this kind of thing, but it was fun to try.

Hubby did the lights.
Our first, old tree stands on the left. This was our tree about 8/9 years ago.  After that, we went fake for fear of abuse from dogs/kids.

Blurry Pampas Grass at night.
I feel short.

While I am out admiring the lights, I get pretentious with an arty farty shot of the lights reflecting on the wet car.

 A new ornament in process.
I think it needs some bling.

Tree is positioned in prime viewing position from the sofa.

One finds that it is always nice to have a bit of a cheese board at Christmas.

In the fireplace is the yule log.

I couldn't resist this little Charlie Brown tree for £5 from our local.  
This one is in our bedroom.
I grabbed a big heap of clothes and stuffed animals off the chair and dumped them out of the shot to pretend that it is always tidy.
But it looks strangely impersonal to me now.
It's not though.
The chair is from Hubby's family.
The suitcase was found in the loft of a house we were living in in Belgium years ago.
It doesn't open easily and contains treasure from my teen years in the form of doodled-on notebooks and letters.
All sorts.
I stuck the tree in a panetonne tin for now. I know it's not a perfect fit. But it will do.

And when I glance from my pillow, mid sleep, it will probably look like this.
Bokeh with the eyes.

Thank you Annie for hosting such a fun linky.  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
See you next year!

Joining in with Mammasaurus' How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. COOL WALL! Oh I love it - I may even have to do it in our lounge now I've seen it *winks cheekily*
    Paperchase rock Crimbo decorations this year, I could have spent all day in there mooching about looking at them - they did a really nice camera one.
    Loving your angel (skillz) and the esc decoration especially but they are all just so good and a train under the tree - oh my such fun Katie!

    I love that you got a real one - and managed to dec the hall with bits too - looks really cool. I'm secretly glad to hear that it's not just be that dumps lifes clutter out of shot ;)

    Oh this is all so festive and lovely - I'll nod off with a smile on my face tonight (not in a rude way!! lol)

    Thanks for joining in and for always managing to surprise me with some creative genius every Thursday and MERRY CRIMBO!

    1. It can be quite a dark wall and is annoying to wipe clean- I always use damp cloth with lots of rinses when starting afresh. But SOOOO much fun to graffiti in the house. Not sure if everyone approves of me encouraging their kids to draw in the walls in our house as it can be confusing that's not allowed elsewhere!
      I didn't see the Paperchase camera. It's my yearly xmas treat to pop in for a few bits. I don't much like high street shopping but I do in there!
      Thank YOU for hosting! Hope you enjoy a well-deserved break! Merry Christmas!xxx

  2. Love your decorations, especially your 80's angel :) I have some beautiful paperchase baubles, all left back home in the UK though! i want a little tree in my bedroom now :) Have a wonderful Christmas xx

    1. I'm impressed that my mother managed to look after that angel for so long and that it's surviving my kid's grabby hands in the ornament box! It's nice that you are adding to your ornament collection while you are apart from your stash. They'll add to the memories when they are together one day. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love your Charlie Brown treeeeeeee. Every home should have one! And your big tree looks fab, I love real trees too, ours is also dropping needles a lot already...your wall is awesome! We have a mini version :) and the stairs look fabulous too, wish I had done that with mine...Merry Christmas!

    1. Our trees WILL make it! Not long now! Eeek! I loved waking up to the Christmas tree, especially because my husband got up and turned the lights on! Now I just need a Lionel piano:-) Merry Christmas!

  4. Wowsers! Was just loving your tree then all of a sudden you shared all your other gems. It must look amazing at your place with all those lovely decorations. And that fabulous tree that I'm sure smells wonderful *collects mulled wine, pops on coat*

    1. Perfect! Door's open! I'm pretty pleased in that bringing in the tree required furniture re-arrangements and something about the way it all came together finally made it feel like our home after a good few years of living here. Contented sigh. Reaches for that glass of mulled wine.

  5. So much Christmas gorgeousness!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Let's catch up in 2014! x

    1. Yes, Let's! Merry Christmas! :-)


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