Monday, 16 December 2013

A Stroll down The Main Street of Yesteryear

I'm going to take you back to Summer now, but bear with me!
There is an element of Christmas within this mega post.

We decided to visit the Shenandoah Caverns this Summer while we were in Virginia.  The main reason that we chose Shenandoah over Luray, was because Shenandoh boasted about the Elevator access which mean that my Grandparents could come along.
I quite enjoyed the road trip too and looking out the window.
When we arrived, I noticed the decor straight away, and I knew it was going to be good.

See! Bear with me- that is for AFTER the caverns.

So the website information was indeed correct.
There was an elevator.
And it was antique! 
So it was pretty and nerve wracking all the same.

But much better than the alternative stairs with young kids in tow too.

The caverns were great.
I've edited down some of the more glittery and therefore (Christmassy) shots.
This bit was a highlight.
I think it was called something like a Bridal Shower? The glitter bits changed under different coloured lights.
And apparently people come down here to have their wedding pictures taken.

The greatest disappointment was that they failed to mention that one needs to be able to walk in a hunched over fashion for a certain length of time.
So my Grandparents couldn't get too far in before they had to go back.
we had one guide with us, who had turned off the lights behind us in each cavern.
You couldn't go back on your own.
So they had to wait in a cave room for someone above ground to come and fetch them while we carried on.
Handy Hubby gladly waited with them with our youngest.

We carried on and saw many things, culminating in this gloriously lit cavern lake.

The super modern technology that was dotted throughout the caverns provided much comfort.
As well as the guide mentioning the big earthquake of 2011 as we gazed around and above us at the huge, huge pieces of rock and what-not.

I didn't hesitate about getting back up to the top.
Playing it cool in front of the kids wasn't going to last much longer.

And then we got to admire the decor.
I love this place SO much.
I don't think that I could ever go back, for fear it may have changed and it would never be as good as the first time.
See; good things come to those who refuse to read too much information about a place before arriving.
This was a fantastic surprise for me.


Let's pretend it's Christmas, and you and I are dressed in our finest (but we haven't got foot ache from high heels or anything like that- we are just lady-like ladies).
There is a sprinkling of snow, a bokeh of lights, we stroll arm-linked-in-arm as we admire the lovely displays of the department stores on Main Street.


These Gigantic Bears were from a parade.
I hope that you can read this below!

They all moved when you pressed the big, red button!

Room of dreams.
Everything moved...
I wish I had videos to show you, but you can imagine.

In this room of dreams, there is a slightly nightmarish character.

But nevermind, let's move on! We can go back to that when we are in that kind of mood.

Well now, it's getting late.  I suppose we'd better be off home to bed now.
It's been a really swell evening stroll.

 I will sleep with visions of fake wisteria, acrobats, blinged up bunnies and ballroom dancing.
Happy Dreams to you!

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  1. Oh my this is total eye candy! I LOVE IT ALL! The bear the bear! I want I want!

    Golly that was almost a 'mummy I want a pony' moment...


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