Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Thorntons Christmas Hero

Oh it's the most wonderful time of the year (coming soon)!  
Although I'm not much of a shopper, I just love giving presents. So when Thorntons contacted me asking if I would like to start giving early, I was up for it!  I think it's even more fun to give little boosts and thoughtful gestures when they are least expected.

I was asked to think of someone deserving of some lovely chocolates, and I knew just the lady.
My friend Kelly.

When we were pregnant with our first, none of our friends at the time had children.  While this wasn't a big deal, it was really nice to meet some mum friends straight away in the postnatal baby classes.
Kelly was one of these mums and it turned out that her boy was born on the same day.
We must have just missed each other on the wards.
That was over nine years ago and since then she has always been there for me whether it's for a well needed chat or help with the kids.
I am so grateful that we have her in our lives.

Things haven't been going that well for her recently, but she has handled each of life's twists and turns with such grace.
She is a total inspiration.
Although she is facing some major changes, I know that good things are yet to come her way and I'm excited for all the new prospects for her and her family.

Kelly was sent a Continental Chocolatiers Tasting Collection from Thorntons as part of the Thorntons Christmas Hero.
She's such a sweetie that she let me come round for a chat and to share some with a glass of wine.
We were quite taken by the box! It had a very nifty tiered system that I know her little one will have fun with when the chocolates have all been devoured.
If you think that is a lot- there is a whole other layer underneath each tier.
We were rather restrained, I thought!  
The chocolates were delicious and I hope that she continues to enjoy them and know how much we appreciate her.
Thank you Thorntons for letting us take part!


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