Monday, 11 November 2013

Recently Random Tidbits

So many blog posts in my head.
Such a back log.
Too little time to get them into post form.
In an organised fashion at least.
But nevermind.
Life is happening and that is good.
In the meantime, I just thought I would share some random tidbits of life recently.
Sock Puppets

Love the Autumn windows.
We had a delivery of laminated leaves from Oregon too!
They are the ones on the bottom left.
The totally brown leaves were from two years ago I think.
Betsy and Ahmelia celebrated Bonfire Night.
I like playing with dolls.
Our Nature Treasure Chest

We went to watch a Quidditch match at The University Parks.
Good Fun.

Hope you have all been well!


  1. Beautiful photos, quite the creative household you have there! I have a bag of odd socks here waiting for me to do something with them - puppets may be the way forward. Love the laminating - great effects x

  2. Tell me about it - so many posts in my head. So little time.
    Lovely photos as always.


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