Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pumpkin Soup

I am a rebel in the kitchen.
I am not always fond of taking instructions;  in the kitchen.  Even at the risk of things going very wrong.
I use recipes as a guideline, but use a "whatever" approach.  So if I make something, and it turns out well, then it's a nice surprise.
(I have found that this really irritates people, but I do enjoy myself when I cook like this.)
Yesterday, I made Pumpkin Soup for Bonfire Night.
This was a first for me and I was delighted at how easy, peasy it was.
I know pumpkin soup is nothing new, but I'm just enjoying and sharing my new (personal) discovery.
A Pumpkin
Some Potatoes
A couple of Onions
Veggie Stock
Double Cream
Hot Chilli Powder 
Smoked Paprika
I used half of the big mama pumpkin that had spiders blu-tacked on it for Halloween.
A few potatoes and a couple of onions.

I took a picture of the onion on the chopping board for no particular reason.
It was a fine looking onion.
And then I chopped it up.

Get your onion all nice and soft in some melted butter.
Fend off the gannets who come sniffing at the smell of melted butter and onions cooking.

Peel and chop the potatoes.

Do this to the pumpkin and then carve and chop up all the good stuff.

Bung the potato and pumpkin to the pot and let it cook for a while. 
Stir it up little darling.

Then add some stock. I used veggie.
Get it to boil.
Then turn down the heat for a while until the vegetables are cooked.

Like that.

Then whizz it up with one of those hand held blender things.
Maybe you should let the veg cool a bit first, but I didn't and it's ok.
Now add some double cream, but get sensual with it and take a picture of the cream being stirred in halfway through.
This should give a decadent impression.

Yeah. You see that? 
Double Cream.
Heavy stuff man.
We are dealing with Autumn here, and I don't have time for wishy-washy lightweight, single cream.

Now do the same with some nutmeg.
La. Di. Da.

Now decant into a decorative bowl, add some salt and pepper ( it needs it); stick it on a piece of slate and nip out to the garden to enjoy it under the favorite tree/plant of the day.
Try not to mess around too much wiping spillage off the side for photo purposes.
The soup will then go cold quickly and you will miss out on the piping-hot, steamy soup-in-a-mug shots.

It turned out so good.
Double thumbs up from the Hubby and I, and one half thumb up from 1/3 kids.
But they ate it and didn't gag, so the recipe is declared a success.
We also added hot chili powder and I loved adding Smoked Paprika on top of that to my final mix.
Perfect Autumnal Belly Warmer.


  1. That looks delicious! I made pumpkin soup last year but it was such a faff to peel and chop the pumpkin, do you have any tricks to make it easier?

    1. It really was delicious! Although chopping up the pumpkin took a bit of effort, I didn't peel it! I just cut all the bits away from the outer layer. I wonder if you chopped the pumpkin into quarters and roasted them they might then slide away from the tough outer layer like butternut squash does when it's roasted...

  2. Ah this looks delicious! And warming and just Autumn in a mug x

  3. the sound effects make all the difference!!


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