Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pumpkins 2013

We did our pumpkins a bit early this year so that we could use them for decorations at the school's Halloween disco.
The fishing tackle worms from Amazon were popular.  They stick quite well and are realistically wriggly.
We also did this with them:
Hair gel and worms in ziploc for sensory play.
With a bit of makeup glue, I think they would work well as part of a Halloween costume.
Blu tacked spiders

Before Carving Party.

Our tradition:
We design.
Daddy carves.

We are being serenaded by the guy on the blue chair doing karoke.

I tried a Princess Leia look.
She didn't stay like this.

Forgetting that he was supposed to be drawing, he delighted in stabbing the pumpkin with his pencil.

Daddy was commissioned by the three-year old to make a campervan under the moon pumpkin.
I think that he did really well.
Unfortunately, this has rotted away very quickly.

For me, drilling beats carving.
This was a first for me, but it will not be my last.

After carving.

Mr.Pumpkin Head Round 1.
This was by far the most interactive pumpkin this year.

Mr Pumpkin Head got a light saber for the disco.
Someone thought he was handing out complimentary light sabers and stole it.

I was slightly disturbed by how quickly the snails and slugs moved into the pumpkins after only an hour outside.
Another Pumpkin Head design...

And another...

And finally, Goonies style by my daughter.
"Heeeey Yooou GUUUUuuuYYS!"

Hope you all are enjoying your Halloween Prep!
If you want to make your Jack-O-Lanterns last longer check this out:
I wish that I had known that sooner!
There are also other techniques you could check out, but I heard that vinegar/ and bleach can help.
I also so this:


  1. LOVE your creativity there - Princess Leila is a gem. Happy Halloween (and your tablecloth is awesome!) x

  2. I think the worms on the uncarved pumpkin were easy and a reminder of the slugs and snails also about to invade.
    The potato head parts for the pumpkin heads were brilliant!
    and the camper van pumpkin needs to get also posted to the GG's pea soup van site!

  3. Great fun! They look amazing!

  4. Love them all! Drilling the holes is a genius idea! x

  5. These are awesome Katie, you've done such a great job there!! Brilliant :)

  6. ooh how awesome are these, I love Mr Pumpkin Head and his light sabre

  7. These are just fantastic! I have mine to carve today and am desperate now to power up the hub's power drill or the simple yet fab effect - though also attempted to get the Mr Potato Head tub out ;)


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