Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Under the Black Light, Again.

 We tried to make Glowing Playdough using the Vitamin B mixture. But it didn't glow that well at all.  Some of our bead decorations worked well though!

 Beads in a bottle of Tonic Water with Quinine. Good for Sensory Play.

Sea Creatures in a tub of Tonic Water with Quinine

This kept the 2-year-old (and myself) so happy for a very long time.
It was quite chilled.
All we needed was a whale song soundtrack.

It looked pretty effective when you made waterfalls with your hands.

Bathtime with the Vitamin B Water

Super fun, but I think that the bath would need to be a more concentrated solution to really glow.  Just tipping in a few jug fulls didn't do much, but the little guy was happy anyway!


  1. who is having the most fun with this ?.........great photos, like the beads in the bottle of tonic water.

    1. You got me! I'm just having a whale of a time here:-)


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