Thursday, 31 October 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We are still learning about the phases of this Acer, as it's relatively new to us.  I was overjoyed to see the touches gracing the leaves before it gets naked for Winter.

A while ago, my daughter said that she would like a Secret Garden area, like at her Grandparents.
So we've been sitting on that and planning that for a while now.
We drew up some plans:
My daughter's elaborate plan

The little man's plan

The middle man's plan which involves lots of paved paths like a maze.
I got them to agree on separating an area with a small border, which we will then plant up with flowers of significant height, suitable for hiding behind.
Then we got to work.

For posterity's sake, I will point out that it was the girl who really wanted this secret area, but she was also the most reluctant to get hands on with the hard work.

But here is a token picture of her trying to dig.
The older boy pretty much dug the whole border.  And he enjoyed himself, so that's nice.  He dug, and let the little man loosen.

Then we pulled up the turf and knocked off the soil.

This guy doesn't shy away from hard, messy work, and he doesn't complain. I love working alongside him and I had a flashforward to years from now.
I had come up with some elaborate project for the garden and he had come home for a visit, and got stuck in, doing the lifting and stuff his mama could no longer do.
It just goes too fast.

We planted the border up with Alliums.
It might be a bit late in the year for that, but we'll see...
Fingers crossed.

A shrub or two to sustain it in the meantime.

Stopping to watch the worms.

And there she is.
Not so exciting now, but looking forward to planting in the seeds in Spring and looking into planting willow around the edges or as an arched entry...
Oh I almost forgot!
The Trolls wanted to do a Halloween Special for you!
Cinderella had had a lovely time at the ball.
She had danced and danced with the Prince and she knew that she was in love!
Alas, the clock was striking midnight and she had to get back before the spell was reversed.

One of her vixen high heels fell of onto the stairs as she was running, but there was no time to stop.  The prince could not see her for what she really was.
She needed him to keep the illusion of her beauty...

Away to the carriage, she sighed in relief.
She had made it just in time!

The Prince rushed down the stairs to return the sexy shoe to his foxy dance partner before she rushed off.
Why was she in such a hurry?


As the Prince approached the carriage, he saw the soft chubby fingers of his new infatuation poking out from the carriage window.
His heart fluttered.
And then suddenly stopped.
Before his eyes, his hot lady transformed as the last dong of the clock sounded.

Realizing she was caught, Cinderella flashed the Prince her best smile, hoping to charm him.

But I think this love story is over now...:-(
Happy Halloween 
Bob and Judith

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. HA! That's the best troll story yet! I can see a howl troll blog opening up for you. Genius - poor Prince Troll Charming!

    Love your children helping so much in the garden , and planning their secret spot too. It's looking good already - I can't wait to see it once it's all grown up. The whole taking the turf up thing is flipping hard work so they did really well indeed!

    Happy Halloween to you all, trolls included! x

    Thanks for joining in again :)

  2. Bob & Judith truly rock!! Your trolls do deserve a blog all of their own!

    Fantastic pictures and I love how your children are so into all the aspects of gardening - both design and doing.

    A fabulous post xx

  3. Brilliant troll story! Lovely to see the kids getting involved, and I think I like little man's drawing the best ;-)

  4. Baha! Love it! I love the little man's garden plan and your girl's awesome DM boots but the pumpkin carriage and story were fantastic :)

  5. Ha! Love the troll story - fantastic work :)
    Seeing your kids help create their garden space is just wonderful. Lovely post x

  6. Great post and it's fun seeing their sketched ideas for the garden - love that your daughter added a key for all the different garden areas! Stunning photo of the pink flowers in the sun, they look dreamy :)

  7. Must have been great seeing all the drawings for the garden. Thought you'd be having a rest after all your recent activity but clearly not. Love the troll story, just brilliant - they always crack me up!

  8. ROFLOL.
    yea to Bob and Judith! they really no need to launch their own spin-off

  9. Those trolls certainly do know how to party. You asked what the orange & pink flowers were in my Cherry Gardens post. They are Zinnias!

  10. I love your little stories - so funny x


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