Thursday, 24 October 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It was a weekend of Limbs, Love and Lemsips.
We pruned the apple and plum tree and some more of the hedge.
Ok, maybe not we.
Hubby and his Father pruned the trees, and I helped sort the fall out, supervise kids, hold ladders and did the trips to the rubbish dump.
I was really excited to get my chainsaw out and play, but it was harder than I thought and I freaked out a bit.  I think that maybe my recent First Aid refresher course was still too fresh in my mind.
Also, the little dude had shared his lergies with me, so I probably wasn't in the best state to be wielding a chainsaw as fun as it was, it's hard to wipe your nose with one hand while sawing with the other.

The chainsaw was loud.
My mother in law took over from wimpy me.
I think she had fun:-)

I saved myself a load of the bigger branches like these funky ones.
For what, I do not know yet.
But they were too pretty to get rid of
And the kids helped us sort them out.

They spent ages climbing over the piles, trying to make dens...

And trying to put the limbs back in the tree apparently.

Love was all around.

It was an anniversary of sorts for the Hubs and I, so I made a little effort:-)
I'll dig it deeper later, but it was rainy and there was a lot of work to be done so I didn't think he would appreciate my gesture if I had taken too long on it then!


Seeing my kids with dirty knees makes me happy.

Trying to fit as much as possible into the bins; we had the boys on squashing duties.

Handy Hubby was trying to tell me how to pack the car for the rubbish dump to get the most in.
He does always know best, and can always do things better, but I was pretty pleased with my efforts.
I managed the lot in two trips.  
I just gave a little hack here and there to make the boot close, and got to listen to my music loud; there and back, there and back.
Nice bit of me-time.
It did take up a large part of the weekend, but I think we all enjoyed being outside despite the weather and lergies. It always feels nice when the family works together, and when big jobs get done.
And after a bit of hard work, I always feel like we have earned more time to be frivolous.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. What a big load of work but great to do it as a family. I have to say I have croc envy now...
    Loving that your mother in law is so badass too, a days gardening sounds a hoot with you lot! Love the photo of the children all heave hoing and jumping on the cuttings in the bin - I've been know to do the same... well more of a controlled waddle.

    Hope you are resting up now, tea and cake sounds like the order for the day to me!

    Thanks for joining in again! x

  2. Although you day was filled with work it looks like a great fun! And i like your pictures! Really good!

  3. working in the yard is such great family fun! we have spent so many of our weekends doing just so. and i love the moss covered branch. i would have saved it also.

  4. Fabulous pics of the kids jumping up and down in the bins! :-)

  5. Gosh, you did do a lot of work! Must feel very satisfying though :) The kids look like they has a great time helping out xx

  6. oh wow, that sounds like a project! I'm not looking forward to pruning our apple tree at all! love the photos of your son jumping on the bin! x

  7. Love, love, love your photos! Fantastic! Really fab how everyone helped, such a gorgeous post x

  8. great photos of the kids, that mossy tree branch!

  9. What great action pics! Hope the Lemsips are no longer needed ....

  10. What a great post Katie - fabulous that everyone mucked in together too despite feeling ropey! Looks like you got loads done too. Love the photos especially of the squashing. Just brilliant :)

  11. oh you have been busy Katie, I was excited by our chainsaw at first, but chickened out of using it! I love the action squashing shots :)


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