Thursday, 17 October 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A late bloomer...

all covered in itsy, bitsy, grasshopper type creatures.
Watering cans and cauldrons.

If it wasn't for Mammasuarus and her garden linky, I know that I wouldn't stop and take as much attention to the garden changes, as I now do weekly.
This morning, we sat on our log in the sunshine and just absorbed the smell of the rosemary.
Nothing like smells to bring memories flooding back.
This smell always brings me back to the days just before my first-born arrived, when I visited the National Herb Centre with my mother. 
It's my husbands favourite herb and it reminds me of my early efforts to grow this for him.
And of course, Handy Hubby's roast potatoes.

I love this low wall in our garden.  Oh what's that perfectly shaped circle?

Who lives in a house like this?
David it's over to you. 
Flinstone Spider's been here I think.
Reaching it's tips towards Autumnal Sun.
About to give the lavender a hair cut, I spotted this guy, still so vibrant.

Gardening in Pyjamas.
My little man is a bit under the weather, but he came out to give me a hand.

Our yield.
Lavender Sachets for the knicker drawer anyone?

Oh wait. 
Let me go and get a basket to stick it in so we can then take a picture and pretend like this is how we roll. Like we are romantic like that.
Oh how Cotswoldy.
Yes of course we live like this.
Straight from Country Living magazine.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. I agree, this linky has made me stop and go outside into the back garden and just look around a bit more. Our rosemary has gone wild and taken over the lavender this year :( Not the best gardeners here!

  2. I love all of the textures in these photos. We inherited a rosemary plant too, love that smell :) x

  3. love all the pics. i like how mixed some b&w in there. rosemary, lavender.... yum. we are a bit under the weather also. hope you all get well soon!

    1. Our little man shared his lergies! But tis' the season I suppose! Hopefully all on the mend now! Hope you are too!

  4. such lovely photos. I know what you mean about the linky. Sometimes it helps to get some inspiration from some place else.

  5. These were just fabulous photos Katie! Love the one with your little man of course (what a smile!),, but especially the monochromatic ones. Thank you! :-)

  6. Oh my word - those first photos fooled me into a false sense of sepia / black and white and then BOOM with the pink! I am off to pick my lavender now just so my pants can smell like yours. That sounded WAY creepier than I meant it to...
    Beautiful stuff, and Country Living mag can move over baby for Randomnest is in town!
    Thanks for joining in again and for sharing such awesome photos (and cool PJs) with us x

  7. Love the black and white photos, and the pink watering can is fab :) Lavender is one of my faves! And very Cotswoldsy with the basket, love it!

  8. That monstrous being in the landscape is rosemary!? I bet you can smell the rosemary from a ways off. Absolutely beautiful!

    Are your trolls witches that leave their cauldrons laying around?

    1. :-) I suppose the kiddies could easily be mistaken for the trolls:-) It is the perfect size for the trolls...hmmmm.....:-)

  9. gardening in pyjamas is one of my favourite things to do.
    that last lavender photo could be from country living magazine!!

    1. I'm glad that we are not alone in our jim jam gardening:-)

  10. I think I spied a troll in the back shadows of that hole....

  11. What wonderful photos Katie, I love so many of them. That little hole is funny isn't it, were you not tempted to poke your finger in it?! The Lavender collecting photos are just fabulous, you have one happy helper there :)

    1. No I was NOT tempted to stick my finger in the hole! I have been reading the news about those widowy spiders! Also, I recently watched a spider attack another one and they are quick and vicious. I'll keep my distance:-) Yes, I'm very lucky with my happy helper!


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