Thursday, 10 October 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The Pampas Grass from the second story window

The Informative Hedge

Savouring those last fleeting moments.
Please don't go.
A new grassy friend.

Another new twisted grassy friend

Apparently, these guys didn't get the memo that summer is over.

And neither did he.

The crazy mint.
We obviously didn't drink enough Pims this summer.
Compensation flowers.
It really is Goodbye Summer.

Two Lovers Entwined

The lucky dip barrel planted years ago and untended; yields occasional surprises.

The Boing Yoings on the Passion Flower may never grasp hold of anything if I keep Boing Yoinging them.

I can stand under the twisted Willow now!

My favoured planter the Old Toilet Cistern gets some new occupants.

It's mini, but I can crawl under it to see the light shining through the underside of the leaves,

and I realise that I'm being watched.

The peek hole remains.
No changes there.

Another new friend.
I believe that I may be on the rebound from my summer love affair.
And there was a BOGOF offer on sedums, succulents and grasses at the garden centre.
Seeds blown into webs and trapped.
So late joining in with Annie and my fellow Mary's today, but I'm excited for tomorrow morning, when I can snoop through the weekly gardening treasures with the morning coffee.
The kids are off school, so it'll be a leisurely coffee without the hustle and hassle.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Beautiful! Love all those grasses! :-)

  2. i have not seen a toilet cistern like that before........but i like it as a planter box.

    1. I bought it years ago at Columbia Road markets in London. It's really starting to wear now, but for the moment I think that it makes it all the more charming!

  3. I'm in actual heaven looking at these. The informative hedge did make me chuckle a lot. Loving the old toilet cistern planter, well loving all of it! That had to be some record breaking pampas grass you have there. Don't the terracotta posts look perfectly pretty in the Autumn light?

    Sighing a big breath of happiness and thanking you for sharing x

  4. What great photos! There is still so much to look at in your garden - and I love all of the new succulents.

  5. such lovely signs of autumn but looks like you still have plenty of sunshine. keep going on those pims!!

  6. Oooh, so lovely. I love the peeking shot through the peep hole!

  7. Such fabulous photos - I love the peep hole shot. And what fabulous grasses. I'm glad those flowers didn't get the memo, they're very pretty xx


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