Monday, 7 October 2013

Glowing Aqua Beads

So this started with a bit of a fail.  I had wanted to make the glowing noodles that I saw here:
and (I think) that I pretty much followed the instructions.  Basically, I soaked the noodles in the tonic water (with quinine) and they didn't glow. 
So I tried soaking some pre-cooked noodles, but they didn't glo either.
Maybe the noodles were too thick?
But by then, the wheels were turning and I was thinking about what else I could saturate with the tonic water to see if it would glow...

Aqua Beads!

Ta Da!
Not many pictures of them in play, because they do have a tendency to bounce around, but we loved these.
I want to experiment with different colours.  These are slightly cloudy because I ended up adding some of the drained noodle tonic water because I was trying to conserve the one bottle I had in the house. (Gross, I know)
But I had a hunch that these would glow so much better when using the Vitamin B Water.

We LOVED these. 
But we do have little ones around that needed constant supervision, so not many pics in action.
I think they are bouncier than bouncy balls. 
Super Sensory Overload.
We even had to put our feet in the tub with them.

I bought the tonic water and vitamin B tablets from Aldi on the cheap.
Aqua Beads can be found on Amazon here:
Floral Aqua Beads are different to the Aqua Beads you might find in the toy section.
You need expanding ones that absorb the water.
And obviously, you need to be supervising at all times.
You don't want anyone popping them in their mouths and  fyi- my dog goes crazy for them, so she is excluded from being in the room for this activity.

Since writing this post, I have seen that this has been done before, as well as the glowing goo that we made, some call it "oobleek"?
Here they used highligher markers to make the Glow water:
Super fun.

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  1. Wow! That is seriously impressive! My kids would love this!


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