Friday, 4 October 2013

Christmas Advent Star

When Amy contacted me asking if we would like to have a go making one of her Advent Stars, I knew that my girl would be raring to get her hands on it! She is loving colouring in right now and we've been doing some origami too, so it was definitely our kind of activity.
The kit comes with detailed instructions and printed on good, strong card.  Here, she is demonstrating to me that she has indeed read the instructions and that she "knows what she is doing." 
Which is good, because I think that I was trying to get the dinner on or something.

Again, letting her get on with it she has done all the bits up until now and here she is telling me EXACTLY where she needs me to cut with the knife. 
I do have a tendency to muddle these things up, but thankfully, I did not this time.

Oh I know that it's not Christmas yet, but wouldn't these make jolly projects for the littles?
I'm lusting after my own.  I would particularly like a "freestyling" version to draw your own bits on, particularly on a non-glossy card so that we could use watercolours or marbleizing paints on them.
One of these kits costs £6.00 on Amy's site.
I like it even more when I read the story on the "about us" section on the website.
Happy Colouring indeed!
Here is what my girl had to say about The Advent Star:
It was fun to do.
I was excited to receive the package and I wanted to get started straight away.
I started off well with the colouring in. This was the most enjoyable part for me. I used Sharpie markers to do this because they are bright colours and it's easy to stay in the lines.
I found it easy to cut out with the scissors, but needed help for the doors.  To cut these open we needed a (precision) knife.
I also managed to fold everything by myself and stuck it all together with double sided sticky tape.
Daddy helped a bit.
I put glitter on to make it festive looking, but be careful that it doesn't get on the sticky tape because then it won't hold together as well.
I think this is a great activity to do around Christmas time.  I would love to another one.  I would like to make one with my own drawings on it.
I think it should be for anyone aged 6/7 or older.  My mummy and  my brother wants to do one too.
I was grateful that I got to make one.

Thank you Amy!


  1. Such a fun idea! I just might have to try something like this myself :)

  2. How lovely! This is just my bag - off to check out Amy's site now x

  3. aw, so beautiful! so, so cute :)


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