Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Flying Visit to Stowe

We certainly chose the windiest, rainiest hour to visit Stowe just before they closed yesterday.
It was a flying visit, just to get a taste of the place, and we will definetely be heading back there again soon!

I loved this display and plan to print the letters onto cards to add to our letter play like we did here.

It was so windy that it was difficult to capture the colours with all the movement.

But it doesn't look that wild here.


Looking shifting collecting conkers.

Playing Chicken Licken under the acorns. 
Not really such a great idea as there were a few branches down.

I also got smacked in the face with a fragment of one of these.

The kids were encouraged to ring the bell.
So they did of course!
Next time we'll have to make a day of it.  Regretfully, we had to head back at this point but I could see there was sooo much more to be discovered.

The highlight of my boys day was when he hitched us a ride back to the start on the last golf cart of the day.
Certainly made us giggle too!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What super photos from your visit there! The children looked in their element exploring and having fun collecting conkers, I did have to smile at the hitchhiking pose. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Love your photos - and the apples :-)

  3. What a wonderful post Katie, looks like the most fabulous place to visit and I love the photos. Bet the golf cart lift was great fun :)

    1. Super Fun! We love golf carts and our driver told us that anyone can borrow them if you book them in advance! I'm dreaming about our next visit now!

  4. Great photo's, I love the ending.... :D

  5. What gorgeous gorgeous pics! Sounds like a wonderful day out too! :)

  6. My quest to find a conker still rumbles on - but this week I'm going on an Autumn colours National Trust walk and I have high hopes - reading this post has really got me excited to go! I've not been to Stowe before - but I need to go now x

    1. I need to go AGAIN, as we didn't see too much. But before you go...apparently, you can borrow the golf carts if you book them a few days in advance. They appreciate donations, but apart from that anyone can borrow them. I like a brisk walk, but Golf Carts would be a super special treat. Just so you are in-the-know before-you-go! Although they might have to change their policies after I get my hands on one!

  7. This looks so much fun! I love all your photos. The kids look to be having a blast! I love that sign with the apples - how clever!

  8. Great post and photos!! LOVE that apple display! xx

  9. Looks a great place, bet you all can't wait to go back :) Visiting on #BlogLoveDay :)


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