Saturday, 28 September 2013

We Don't Need Another Playground

 Last weekend we visited our fist National Trust site.  We chose Waddesdon Manor because it wasn't too far, and we knew that they had a nice playground that the kids could enjoy after a walk in the woods.

It was at this point where the kids told me: "We don't even need to go to the playground!"
We stayed here a while conquering the tree bridge.

The kids made it look pretty easy. And I thought that I was still young and limber and fancied a go myself.
This is what happened:

I got kind of stuck.
I just love how the Hubby chooses his moments to take pictures of me.
Oh the shame.
From this experience, I have learned that:
I am not so young and limber any more.
My jeans are too tight and therefore not easy to climb trees in and therefore:
I need to climb trees more to shed that packaging material.
Thank you so much handy hubby for giving me a reality check and helping me to see myself for what I really am and not the super hero tree climbing mama that I thought I was in my head.
I made it this far anyway. But I couldn't really shimmy up the tree like the kids did because I was worried that might wear a hole through the jeans in the wrong places.

I'll just be happy for them and their tree climbing joy for now.

We did go to the playground, and it was super fun too:

Playing The Three Billy Goat's Gruff with the Norwegian Troll.  We always play this on bridges. I usually get to be the troll, but I let him have a turn this time.  I owed him that.

                                          Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. A perfect day exploring and being adventurous in natures playground. What better way to test and find out their limitations while honing their gross motor skills. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  2. Fantastic photos Katie, I love the first one especially and I didn't laugh at you stuck on the tree - honest. I love the tree bridge, I wouldn't even have gotten as far as you. I'm glad at least one troll made an appearance. I was about to comment "wot no troll", but then there he was. The screaming down the slide is brilliant ha :)

    1. Thank you Nichola, it is ok to laugh though. I try to!

  3. Who needs playgrounds when you have forests! Brill photos, makes me want to egt back outside - and we've only just got back in from the woods ourselves!

  4. There's really nothing better than exploring - I'm so getting out there this weekend!

  5. Nice set of photos. I'm googling around looking for pictures to help sell people on the idea of including trees for climbing on playgrounds and your little story showed up. Nice job on that post.


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