Monday, 16 September 2013


This weekend, we went Tanking.
As you do!
Seriously, this is not a sponsored post, but I could not get over what an awesome experience this was, so I had to share, just in case anyone was wondering what to get their loved ones for Christmas.
Handy Hubby's lovely friends bought him this experience for a (special) birthday pressie last year, but they welcomed spectators too.  I think that spectators over the age of ten have to pay £10?
Well I thought that the kids and I would be allowed to watch, and maybe sit on a tank or something, but that most of the time, I would be trying to keep them out of trouble while the hubs had his fun.
That was not the case:

Quad Biking

By the satisfied look on his face, I think that he told his little brother something scary was about to happen.

I loved the flying chucks of dirt. Totally "Eat my dust."

Climbing aboard more gracefully than his mother did.

Riding on top of the big tank.  He was clutching on pretty tightly.

Super Fun.

I was pleased that we had managed to get out of the house (only a little bit late) but I hadn't thought of "suitable footwear" because I didn't realize just how much we would be allowed to be involved. Only the hubs was wearing proper boots. Never mind- they all washed well, but I nearly lost my shoes in the mud and a fellow passenger lost the sole of his shoe.

It was loud!


The Fence post mud scrapper-offer.

Owning it.  He drove well, no skidding, just very fast.

Pretending to own it.  Tank Girl Wannabee.

Ok, now check it out: They thought of EVERYTHING. Cakes and biscuits and coffee/tea/juice included in your experience with the option of other hot food for purchase.
Tissues and Wipes on hand.
And gorgeous flower arrangements.

Flowers and Tanks.
I love it.

So did he.

That bottom option says Dump Truck. You can come and drive dump trucks too!

Nom, nom, nom.

We were big fans of the toys too.  Here he is multi tasking by eating biscuits and standing guard over the super cool Thunderbird toy by his side.

The headless Elmo was my favorite.

The tank crushed this car the day before. You can watch the video here:

Standing by the wood burner, having a biccie.
Life is good.

Daddy driving a tank.

I forgot to do my macho posing and ended up waving like I thought I was on a parade float.
  I was excited.

Again; I knew I was excited and having fun, but geez- talk about trigger happy.

They took the time with all the participants and spectators allowing them to try things out and talk to them about how things work.

We had an AMAZING day. I could not recommend this more.  There was not a thing that I thought they could have done better; except maybe invite us along for the next car crushing event.
It was so good, that my girl has decided that she would like to apply for a job there when she is older.
Check them out here:
or here:
Again, this was not a sponsored post.  However, after this experience, we would be more than happy to test drive/ride anything like heavy vehicles, golf carts, race cars, or buses. 
If you have anything like this that you would like us to check out for you, please do inbox me.

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  1. Awesome! This is the one that I sent Papasaurus on a couple of years ago and he loved it too!x


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