Tuesday, 10 September 2013


What to do with eight girls at a sleepover party?
My friend came and did some AMAZING, AMAZING facepainting for us.
Check her out here:

The brother was allowed to join in too.
I also tried to make candy floss on glo sticks like this:
But the candy floss machine didn't work that well and the floss just slid off the stick and it really wasn't safe anyway considering how many glo sticks leaked!
Pinterest Fail!

At the end of August, I went to the Ashmolean Live Friday Dress Up Night.  Although I am no fashionista,  it was a great night for people watching and chatting and we got to learn how to make No-sew drape dresses from the ladies of Darn It and Stitch.
I thought the girls would love having a go with this, so they got into partners and took turns being designers and models.
Here's one of them:

I just grabbed the larger pieces of fabric that I had around, a handful of belts, safety pins and ribbons and let them loose.

(I would love to show your more of the designs of dresses and faces, but I usually only share pictures of my own kids online.)

Making seed packs for the party bags.

I love putting together party bags, and these ended up being full of random bits; but that suits my girl and hopefully her friends.  She is girly girly, but also not at other times, so I went for an eclectic collection of stuff  to try to suit the different tastes and ages.

Mini glittery jars from The Works.

Nature Stick Pencils, highlighters and stickers also from The Works.

I was pretty pleased to find this collection at The Works.  Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables, Heidi, The Secret Garden, Wizard of Oz, 2,000 Leagues Under the Sea and more at The Works.

And this is how we packed it. So much fun.  Love putting together party bags.

The girls decorated their own bags. 
Drawstring canvas bags from Baker Ross.

And the brother got to do one too.

I'm not sponsored by The Works or Baker Ross or anything, just sharing what/how we did things and where we got them from:-) 


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    1. I know:-) I had bought a cheap, three colour set at Asda and I asked if she wouldn't mind coming to help me doodle on the kids to try it out with the black light, and then she came with her paints and went ALL out and the titchy set didn't get a look in. I even got a Care Bear like rainbow/cloud on my face and my inner six year old was blissed out. Shame my 30+ year old face let the cute bit down!

  2. my grand daughters would love that face paint, will have to look for it here.

  3. Glad to see the Lao belt lives (and fits)!

  4. omg invite me next time that looks fabulous x


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