Thursday, 26 September 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The archway from the troll wedding was still thriving when we had to remove it from the lawn before mowing. I couldn't just chuck it out. I was totally inspired by Mammasaurus's stunning Autumnal Crown.
In other news, we had our own little Garden Awards Ceremony, and it was agreed that the Award for the Shapliest Apple Goes To:
The Kim.
And here is where my husband just takes it that one step too far. 
(Turn away here if you are easily offended.)
This picture here pretty much sums up why I married him.
Meanwhile, we went had our first National Trust experiences at Waddesdon Manor.
Loving these crazy stripes.

And the golden lichen.
And the Handstanding Lady Tree.
Checking out the Fungi and getting photo bombed by the disgruntled Norwegian Troll.
He was pretty upset that he hadn't been invited to the Troll wedding a couple of weeks ago.
I felt pretty bad about it, but because he really is a more decorative troll, I kind of just, forgot about him up there on the shelf.

So I tried to make it up to him with this day out. He was pretty pleased. Honestly, I think he would have liked to have moved in here, but I took him home with us, with the promise of more woodland outings.

The Creeper at Blenheim Palace.

Wouldn't this make a gorgeous dress?

Oh Autumn.
I love you.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Oh Autumn I love you too - and your amazing creativity every week Katie! That apple certainly is shapely - the pips made me guffaw!
    By the time I got the The Handstanding Lady Tree it was all over and I was laughing out loud, as my friend Steph says LOLCANO!

    Love the ivy crown, ah lets dress up like fairies and go and live in the woods shall we? Pleeeeease?

    Thank you for sharing again this week - and for making me laugh! (Beautiful creeper!)

    1. Totally digging the fairies in the woods. It's a plan. Better go and snip some of that creeper from the palace to make some dresses for us...

  2. Oh wow, love this post and the photos are fantastic. Handstanding lady tree? Haha!

  3. You've made me laugh again! Waddesdon is great isn't it? We had our first National Trust experience there in the spring when the snow was still lying on the stonework.

    I hope the Norwegian photo-bomber is friends with Bob and Judith again soon

  4. Found this post courtesy of Mamasauras posting it on FB. LOVE the apple x

  5. i love it that you took the troll. too funny. and i love that pooping apple butt lol!! thank you for all the autumn pics. i do miss that season...

  6. That is quite an apple :) Gorgeous photos and your post made me giggle x

  7. Brilliant Katie, *might have* had me snorting like a farm of piggies! I love the anus apple and the photos of the troll's day out - too funny. You've taken some beautiful photos too. Bring it on autumn :)

  8. Gorgeous photos, the red creeper is stunning. The apple is brilliant :) Ah, did make me chuckle!

  9. Gorgeous photo's Katie. I love Autumn too. Love that creeper, beautiful x

  10. oh brilliant Katie, gorgeous pictures. I really snorted my tea down my nose at the apple and pips! I love the handstanding lady tree. I just love virginia creeper, I wish ours would stay red all year.

  11. So funny, and you have taken some amazing photos as always!


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