Thursday, 19 September 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The Honeymoon.
Dear Mary, Mary Quite Contraries,
We're back from our honeymoon at the Sedum Cascades and we wanted to thank you all for your warm wishes following our wedding last week.  It was such a special day and having all of you share in our joy made it all the more memorable.  We have suggested that a drinks reception might be a nice way to carry on the celebrations with those of you who were unable to attend our spur-of-the-moment wedding, but Katie reckons that really would be pushing the boat too far into kooky land and that her husband's eyes would fall out of their sockets from rolling too much if she told him that she was organising a real-life drinks reception to celebrate the marriage of a pair of trolls.
We thought we'd share some snaps from our honeymoon before it's back to planet earth next week (so Katie says- but I wouldn't hold her to it.) 

We had a lovely time at the Sedum Cascades.  Most of the time, we pulled a John n' Yoko and spent a lot of time enjoying life from our bed relishing every moment, but we did get out every now and again.

There seemed to be a lot of construction work going on at the Sand Pit Resort, but we found our little islands of bliss.

Adam and Eve-ing it at the Orchard.  
The Katy Apple Tree is on the smaller scale so it was perfect for us, with just a step. We've been told that this is the first year the apples haven't been stolen by wild dogs and children before ripening.

This was a first for us.  We've been told it's actually a very large courgette but I suppose that doesn't have as nice a ring to it.  It was like a cross between banana boats and paddleboarding.
Jolly good fun.

Oh, this last week has been thrilling, but the best part of all was just being together.

Thank you again for all of your warm wishes.
Katie will snap out of her playful mood sooner or later and get back to the real stuff like; what she going to do about that huge pampas grass that she planted a year or two ago that has now taken over. It is totally impractical.
See; it's taking over the drive and I'm sure it's annoying the neighbours as it hangs over their fence. 
Still, I suppose it can be rather fetching...
Much Love, 
Bob and Judith Troll

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. that is the most brilliant 'gardening' post i have ever read!! It's the first post i have read here and at first i thought you had just got married and were some sort of internet troll....then.....those pictures! HYSTERICAL!!!! think i found my next favourite blog! now following...hugs to the the bedroom action is slow...some parts missing....can't say any more!! x

  2. Yeah Troll Honeymoon! Oh how perfect! Great to see that old fashioned romancing isn't dead. That 'Simply Romancing' photo is beyond cute,You do realise that you now have a hardcore troll loving audience gagging to see what they do next?

    Thanks for joining in again you little gem x
    Loving the new look by the way, anything that makes your beautiful photos bigger is top banana in my books x

    1. Thank you, I'm trying hard at the technical stuff- It doesn't come easy to me!

  3. Annie is right - you really do have a troll-loving audience now! Bob and Judith have brightened up my week no end. You really do rock, guys. Thanks for sharing your honeymoon snaps with us.
    BRILLIANT!!!! xx

  4. Oh and the honeymoon as well - those footprints on the sand would make a great canvas for Bob & Judith in their marital home.

    And marrowboating - I may have very nearly spat my tea over my keyboard. You are my dear, an utter genius.

  5. hahaha I love it, brilliant to see the honeymoon after the glorious wedding. I love the marrow boating, you might be able to market that concept on the Norfolk Broads :)

  6. OMG I am in bits! This is fabulous. Utterly brilliant. I WANT MORE! :)))))))))))))

  7. Bloody brilliant! The marrow boating is genius! Post of the week! Hope Bob and Judith live happily ever after.

  8. I think I shed a tear . . . just not sure if its from laughing or sweetness. You are in for it now that everyone is on edge waiting for the next episode!

  9. Hilarious! Marrow boating - inspired :) Loved this post!

  10. lmao, so glad Bob and Judith are happy, super snaps. Mich x

  11. Haha, now THAT is an adorable couple! :-)


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