Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A visit to a friend's garden last week:
Cucamelons . 
"What's in a Name?"
A lot. I love this name. It's kind of kooky, and it's a mini cross between a watermelon and a cucumber, so it's funky.
Interesting and new.
Our verdict:
Yummy snack.  

They are just so good at growing things and they work so hard at it.  It embarrasses me to say that I enjoying tinkering with a bit of gardening after I have seen what can be done.
Beautiful Garden.  And so satisfying to be able to graze while you gaze.

Back in our own garden, the Hubby and I stole a moment to go on a spontaneous apple picking date.
while the kids were busy doing this:

We weren't interrupted and it just felt romantic.  I love day dates.  Night dates require more effort. Stolen moments when you can get them.

This soppy, gushy mood of mine may have been enhanced by experimenting with our homemade lemonade and adding a splash of vodka to my glass. 
Delicious. But I imagine gin would have been even nicer.
(Recipe tweaked a bit from Nigella Lawson's recipe for Pink Lemonade. Super Easy and Yum. I made batches using half the amount of water so that it could be used as a cordial and we added sparkling water and/or vodka/gin.  Also we just threw the things together without measuring exactly.)

I digress. 
Back to the garden.
The wasps have been overjoyed with these apples and the consumed apples have been falling fast.  The compost bin smells of cider.  We wanted to save some for ourselves before they had them all.  Last year, there were only a couple of apples on this tree. This year is booming!

We weren't sure if they would be cooking or eating apples, so we had to test them.
Perfect eating apples, but I plan a batch of crumble too with some local blackberries.  I love free food!

And now moving onto to Nature Watch; The Very Busy Spider has caught a wasp.

The wisteria is finally taking off after a couple of years of not doing much.  But I'm having some issues with commitment and I'm not sure if I really want it; and if I do, do I want it in this spot?  But whether I'm ok with the decision or not, it looks like my girlfriend is finally moving in.  I keep finding her tendrils and business all up in my stuff.
I'm sure we'll get along fine. (trying to convince myself that this was not a rash decision based on wisteria envy of friends.  Just because I liked it on other houses, doesn't mean it will work with mine.) I think I'm just worried that she is going to be all frilly and fluffy and it won't be a bachelor pad anymore. No, seriously, it might be too pretty and whimsy for me. But my preferences change all the time so I'll stick with it for now. Until she blooms next spring? 

I like how the flowers on the curry plant have dried.

And now we have tightrope walking spiders!

This taught, thin, thread was stretched across the length of the garden; from the washing line to the apple tree.

No spiders in sight though.  

Or it's a spider's laser-like alarm system...

Bamboo shadows at dusk

I know I have shown this one before, but I like how the way the new babes grow from under the mama is very much how kids hide under their mum's skirts. (which is one reason I always wear leggings and dresses.) Or suckling puppies. Anyway, I thought it was cute

And I leave you with the thriving Oxalis.
I cannot wait to have a snoop round the gardens tomorrow!

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. gorgeous post, you have some beautiful pics there that just say so much. Loving the idea of your homemade lemonade and vodka/gin too - fab!

  2. So much beauty! Nothing tastes as good as free food does it? I have to admit I was momentarily distracted with the thought of pink lemonade with gin...

    Love the curry plants dried flowers and those bamboo shadows. Oh I love it all - especially the idea of a day date.

    Loveliness as always Katie - thanks for sharing and brightening my day x

  3. Gorgeous post! How fabulous you got a stolen day date - the best. What a busy spider you have. And those bamboo shadows are awesome xx

  4. oh yum!! cucamelons? what a funky name that i had never even heard of. day dates? yes please. stolen moments for sure. that pink lemonade with vodka? YES! i'm a vodka girl so that will do just fine. spider webs.... we have so many of them in our new yard. i hate walking into them and i do it too often. happy weekend!

  5. oh wow Kate what a fantastic post, I love your apple picking date and the alcohol involved! I would love to try cucamelons and that is a pretty great looking Pot Noodle you are growing. It is so hard to pick out any particular things because I love everything. Our compost bin smells like cider too and there are drunken wasps everywhere :)

  6. how romantic!
    hope my curry plant flowers.

  7. Some great photos of what looks like a fabulous garden full of little surprises - I especially love the bamboo shadows. I'm the sort that can even kill bamboo where others just find it a pest so now have a planter with some sticks in it, rather than the beautiful leaves you must have! And the spider alarm is fab - I'll remember that one!


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