Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pallet Appreciation Continues

Voila! The Super Easy Pallet Lounger.
This happened by mistake. I don't think that I would ever actually get round to making one of those pallet sofas.  I also like to keep their possibilities open so am slightly hesitant at chopping them up/renailing in other ways. So I was moving my pallet pile over here for the morning sun.  I was planning to just use it as a bench/bed, but as I was lifting the smaller pallet on the top out of the way, it happened to slot smoothly into the top pallet, creating a nice angel backing.

No wobbles. This thing slots in pretty securely.

Add the oversized cushion in the back, throw over the super long, funky curtain that gets used for all sorts of things, and now we have a comfy chaise longue thing.

 When the cushion and curtain are not in place, it has also been used as a stage, and potion making kitchen.

Oh Pallets.
You are fun.


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